Ice Cube Trays

Not exactly “cookware”, but I need to replace these. The originals were 12" by 9" trays with small cubes, but they are ridiculously expensive to replace, and didn’t last very long before cracking.

So given the 9 by 12 inch area of the freezer, what are you’re favs. I wanna do water, fruit juice, and milk/cream, and the ones I have now (bought at the Family Dollar store) stick horribly with anything but water.

I was going to post the same . Side by side fridge has worked for years . Was not making ice anymore. And didn’t seem cold . Was given a fridge Wich I put in the garage . Typical white with freezer on top . Running beautiful. Unplugged the side by side for two days. Plugged it back in . Making ice and cold . So it’s on fridge probation. Very little in it . Yes . I need ice maker for the fridge in the garage… Thinking silicone. Thoughts…?

I suffered an Early Fridge Freezer Death recently. For ice until the new fridge was delivered I used a small portable freezer and my old GE ice cube trays that I salvaged years ago and kept - if you can find this sort of plastic tray (not from the Dollar Store!) they are strong, release with a twist, and, importantly, stack while filled with liquid. I have some silicone trays with lids. They wobble and leak and don’t stack well. There seem to be a couple of brands for the GE-type trays with good reviews on Amazon. Of course, if you’re freezing anything other than water, like stock, I’d recommend removing the stuff from the trays after freezing and storing it in something airtight.


How wide are they?

This is what I would buy:

If I needed more than one tray, it might be this:

Needless to say, I dislike silicone, because they get stinky, and it’s a PITA to deodorize. I also eschew plastic, because, well, it’s plastic. I like the function of the 1950s mechanism of what I’ve recced. And I think SS is preferable over aluminum.

Both links link to the same icecube tray

Never got you fingers frozen stuck on one of those aluminum trays? I was glad to see they started making stainless steel versions, even though the finger freeze factor is there, too. Brings back childhood memories.

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I have two kinds—one is part-plastic, part-silicone (the lower half of the cubes), with lids, that allow you to just push the cubes out very easily by pressing your finger on the silicone part of the mold. The other is also silicone but makes extra-large ice cubes that are very cubical—I love the giant ice cubes for mixed drinks, but damn, they are hard to get out of the mold.

I’m gonna stick with plastic as I remember those metal ones (and hated them), and I have some larger silicon ones and they’re a PITA.

The RubberMade ones would be great, but there a bit too wide for the shelf in my freezer. Came across these and placed an order:

Sorry. Try this:

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Oh, yeah, if you want those “rocks” cubes or spherical, silicone can be a reasonable choice. But they do take on an unpleasant odor–the only way I’ve found to eliminate it is to bury the molds in (new) unscented kitty litter for 3-4 days.

About 41/2 inches.

These look like some old fashion ice cube trays when I was young

Please get spherical ice cubes. Please.


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Already have some.

Several months ago I bought an ice cube tray at Marshall’s. It only make 6 cubes at a time but they are quite big. It was a very worthwhile purchase for $3.00

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That would just fit… got a link?

Here’s what I use, but for things like stock and egg whites.

I like that is have a cover, but it doesn’t flex as easily as the second one.

Mine is so old I’m not sure they’re even sold anymore. But someone in this thread posted a link to a similar product by a company called Kitch (as opposed to kitsch, I guess) - I think the Kitch trays are sold on Amazon.

If anyone is interested in taking a stroll through Goodwill or other thrift stores, ice cube trays can usually be found readily. Don’t think I’ve seen the new SS or aluminum ones, however. Haven’t noticed any old retro ones, but I really hated those things.

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