Ice cream, gelato, granita, frozen desserts- your favourite flavours

Right now, I’m craving blackcurrant ice cream or blackcurrant gelato, but that is uncommon in Canada, so I would have to make it.

I usually order lemon, passionfruit, coffee or mint gelato. Often I will order an old favourite alongside a new flavour.
Most recent scoops were a lemon and mango granita, and tayberry soft serve in Toronto.


Most often… fresh frozen pineapple with fresh lemon or lime juice thrown in the vitamix (sometimes with coconut cream or banana).

Store bought… Talenti Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip.

Edit: And of course Haagen Dazs vanilla.


My favourite grown-up ice cream is pistachio.

But, from time to time, when at the seaside and there’s a ice cream van, you just gotta go for the childhood favourite - a “99”. A cone of soft vanilla ice cream with a Cadbury’s chocolate flake stuck into it. With “raspberry” sauce drizzled over, of course.


Green tea, red bean, pistachio, rocky road, mango sorbet, raspberry sorbet, pumpkin, blackberry, cookies & cream

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If I see this I order it. Ice cream. Sorbet. Cheesecake. Crème brûlée. Love it.


Great minds :heart:

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Gelato = pistachio

Ice cream = real vanilla bean

Granita = honeydew melon and mint

Shaved ice = Sour plum 酸梅汤

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For ice cream, I shift my flavor quite a bit. I would say at this moment, I am into green/matcha ice cream. On average though, I never dislike chocolate based ice-cream.
For frozen yogurt, I love original (non added) flavor.
For shaved ice, strawberry or green tea.

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Ice cream or gelato, the answer will always be pistachio. I had the best gelato of my life at a small gelateria in Lucca in 2018. They had both ‘regular’ and salted pistachio. Came back for the salted version after rounding the city wall and having “earned” that second scoop. My DH has perfected his pistachio ice cream by adding toasted stachios and Sicilian pistachio paste to his. Makes a world of difference.

I loved salted caramel ice cream/gelato when it first came out, but have tired of it. I like different textures in my ice cream, otherwise I get palate fatigue. Thus, I like nut flavors like pecan, maple walnut, or hazelnut, especially when there are actual nuts mixed in.

Not too crazy about sorbets, generally, unless it’s hot AF out & I need/want something fresh and tart. Our favorite purveyor in Berlin makes a mean Indian mango gelato, and their passionfruit is also nice.

The NYT had a recipe for sweet corn ice cream a few years ago, which is amazing topped with a dark berry sauce, and a biscoff ice cream that’s also craveworthy.


Sorbet - prefer acidity, lemon, lime, raspberry, passion fruit

Or my own basil lime sorbet with pieces of apple (green smith)

Gelato / ice cream - dark chocolate, salty caramel, coffee, real bean vanilla

I’ve tried green matcha many times, many were too sweet, prefer a bitter flavour.


I really believe the cold temps of frozen desserts does a major disservice to matcha, as not only does it mute the flavor (even of real matcha) it actually mutates it into something just faintly tea like and more like Southern sweet tea (not that there’s anything wrong with sweet tea, it’s just that it’s not matcha).


This was nice.

In Sicily I tried to eat pistachio gelato every day, at a different shop each day. I hate sweet things but somehow my brain can temporarily ignore that so I can enjoy eating pistachios! (Turkish baklava is a good example. No other baklava is so pistachio-loaded!)

It was winter but not cold enough and gelato shops were open as usual. However, granita is only available during hot months.

Brown is coffee. White is Sicilian lemon (the most iconic ingredient in Sicily!).

Pistachio and lemon (2 different flavours in 1 cup)

These are only some of the things I brought back from Sicily. I savoured the pistachios sparingly. Next time I’ll save my cabin bag space for the lemons only.


Green tea in general, I find it always disappointing in desserts and especially cold desserts, I think smokey tea or black tea works better.

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In Italy, amarena gelato, hands down. I like tart fruit flavors in gelati and sorbets/ices generally, less so in American ice creams. I had a memorable Marille/apricot at Tichy in Vienna on my last trip there.

For hard pack American ice cream I usually go with coffee. For soft serve, chocolate with Reese’s pb cups blended in - a childhood favorite that never disappoints!


Favorite frozen dessert - Kulfi (malai / cream flavor, not pistachio or any other abomination lol).

Gelato flavor - fior di latte, which I haven’t seen for ages, otherwise chocolate

Ice cream flavors - dark (but not too dark) chocolate, coffee (though still in search of one as good as the old Starbucks stuff), dulce de leche (Haagen Dazs - all other salted caramel runs way too salty) or burnt sugar (at Christina’s in Cambridge)


We don’t really have anything called gelato in the UK, only ice cream.

You come across mention of it. For example, the menu in Italian restaurants may describe their ice cream as gelato. And my normal supermarket stocks two items mentioning gelato. Both are Haagen Dazs products which have gelato in their name but are also described as ice cream - " Haagen Dazs Gelato Creamy Fudge Brownie Ice Cream".

It’s not that Italians havent influenced ice cream in my part of the world. Immigration in the 19th century brought Italians to work in Manchester’s iron foundaries but a number of families set up business making ice cream. And these names still appear on the ice cream vans that still tour the suburbs or set up in the area’s major parks.

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Mango or lemon sorbet.

Gifford’s Sea Salt Caramel ice cream (Sea salt caramel ice cream with chocolate sea salt caramel mini-melts rippled with caramel)

Ben & Jerry’s used to make a Vanilla Bean Toffee Bar Crunch that I loved, but I think they dropped it and only make a Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch now. :frowning:

And if someone has a good gelato, it’s always going to be a dark chocolate version, if I can get it.

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There is so much ice cream up here and I think people are just starting to make distinctions although it’s tricky because so much of what people were calling ice cream (including the purveyors) is actually gelato.

Loads of Italian ice cream places linger (eg Janettas, S Luca) but also places like the fabulous Mary’s Milk Bar (which makes gelato, but most in the queue would call ice cream) and a new place opened up recently called Joelato which makes the exquisites salted honey and honeycomb flavour, but of course offers salted pistachio, hazelnut, lemon, etc.
Mary’s, to go back to that, is a delight with flavours as well (today’s batch includes Spicy Chilli, Peanut and Lemongrass; Goat’s Cheese and Peaches; Baked Figs and so on.

I’m always a sucker for nut flavours (and shut up, I know how that sounds), but enjoy a goat’s cheese, or the salted honey.

So far in Scotland (so many years now), I have not wanted for ice cream/gelato shops.


Root beer sherbet. Hand cranked Fourth of July vanilla bean ice cream. Homemade blackberry ice cream. Homemade peach ice cream. Tangerine sorbet. I’d love a freezer dedicated to these treats.

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