I scratch my head...Shake Shack to open in Yonkers, NY

I scratch my head…Shake Shack to open in the Cross County shopping center… Yonkers, NY

Yonkers I understand, but in Cross County? Surely there was a better site somewhere on Central Ave.?

Cross County shopping center has been doing a major make over. They are in the process of spending hundreds of millions of dollars upgrading to a more high end type of mall. They are buying out the leases of all the lower end stores and high end stores have been coming in over the past year, with more on the way.

They have some decent food options, with more like Shake Shack opening soon. The BGR Burger Joint there has some of the best burgers I have had from a chain.

A restaurant I consult to is opening a kiosk there soon that will have real Roma style pizza, with wild yeast sourdough. They have even ordered a special pizza oven from Rome.

I have heard good things about the Hyatt Place hotel there as well.

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Thanks JMF…I would not have known judging from my last couple of visits there
I am really looking forward to the rebirth of the shopping center of my youth

What do you like at BGR, I tried it early on and didn’t go back…I don’t remember what type
of burger I ordered.

Good to have current intel. Thanks for the update.

Off-topic, but HI JMF! I haven’t been posting much so super glad to see you here.


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I just got basic bacon cheddar cheeseburger and fries each time, but it was very tasty. Total three visits since they opened, since I make exceptional burgers at home. Grind the meat myself, cook sous vide and sear, or traditional over hardwood charcoal.

They are opening one in Houston also in a peculiar location, in an upscale mall in a highly congested area with insufficient parking. Maybe it feels like NYC to the property procurers. :smile: but there’s a slim to no chance I’ll fight that route for a burger no matter how good.

Excellent. So you did make it here from the Gulag.

I assume you know MIX is not the place you recommended, yes? I went and it was awwwful.

I had an excellent Sidecar - are we allowed to mention places here? - last evening, sans the sugar rim. You should hear the reactions I get when I ask for a Sidecar in the vast wasteland that is Westchester.

Since you recommend it, I’ll have to try BGR Burger Joint. I now have two good burger chains to try when the freeze thaws.

I hope 51rich makes it here.

What bothers me is that these places (like Fairway before SS) that open a place that is walking distance from The Bronx and say “we have a Westchester location!” They’re 30-45 minutes away from many people in Westchester.

I wonder if Cross County gave them some sort of incentive to open there. That would explain opening there as opposed to something more centrally located. Everyone has been talking about BGR. They certainly can’t be happy about the competition, even though I guess they’re a sit-down place. We ate at the one in Mount Kisco before they closed and it wasn’t bad, good selection of non-beef burgers. I haven’t looked at their menu recently.

Lol. When I first moved to WP I was amazed at how many people I met who lived in Scarsdale. I had no idea Scarsdale was so overpopulated. That is until someone clued me in to the fact that everyone who lived anywhere from Yonkers to WP claimed to live in Scarsdale. Same thing here. __

I live in Yorktown, so I don’t say that I live in or anywhere near Scarsdale. I understand that lots of stuff is “down county”. But people who live in the WP and Yonkers area would be upset if the only Westchester location of a popular chain was in Yorktown. I feel the same way about Fairway and Shake Shack. In the case of Fairway, I can get to the Nanuet location faster than Pelham.

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Hi, you mean the bar Mix at the Crowne Plaza? I first recommended that place 6 years ago when Jake was the head bartender. He went to law school several years ago and without him bartending, that was it. Greg was head bartender for a few months in 2014, and he kept the quality going somewhat, but he started his own business. Now they are nothing.

Sure, recommend places by name.

I do recommend Burrata in Eastchester for cocktails. I worked with them on their menu and skills for around ten months, producing around 40+ seasonal recipes, I haven’t worked with them since the end of Oct. 2015, but they were doing a solid job producing my cocktails, including barrel aged Old Fashioneds and Manhattans, various types of Sours, Tiki, and complex boozy cocktails.

Thanks. That explains MIX.

Perfect, I’ll try Burrata. Those are my kinds of drinks that you mention.

Gaia in Greenwich served me the perfect Sidecar. Expensive (very!) little restaurant, but the food was quite good.

Good to see you here, JMF.

Scarsdale is like Bronxville in many ways, 6,500 people live in the Village of Bronxville, but 21,000 live in the 10708 Bronxville zip code. 18,000 people live in the Village of Scarsdale, but 40,000 live in the Scarsdale 10583 zip code.

Finally found you - no wonder ch seems to have dropped off the face of the earth - not a fan of bgr (just a pet peeve but shouldn’t it be brgr as bgr has a completely different connotation(?)) Have tried Bgr ,elevation and bare burger _ did not care for any of them. I do like SS - not fond of their new locations (captive audience) and Jake’s Wayback,also powburger in New Rochelle, prefer Smash burger to 5 guys. Still looking for the day of a big appetite and a desire to splurge to try 5 napkin burger at Ridge Hill

Glad to hear CH is missing us, karma is a you know what.

I can’t think of the name of the burger place in Hartsdale, near the Chinese restaurant (ugh, senior moments) but I did not like it at all. I get the appeal of these places, Smash burger and 5 Guys, but I don’t like kids screaming all over the place and harried parents. I like a calm burger, rare to raw, with a cocktail. Yup, I’m old!

From the pictures on Shake Shack’s F/B page, it appears their burgers are disgustingly big, which I love. If their ambiance is cacophonous, I won’t be thrilled.

Why do you blame restaurants for the parents inability to control their kids??? Of course you’re going to have families at these fast food/casual burger places. It would be foolish to expect otherwise. Personally, I haven’t encountered that problem but either I’m more tolerant or just go at different times (usually lunch).

I think you’re talking about Bareburger, they’re in the Best Buy / TJ’s shopping center. Jake’s Wayback is the one in Hartsdale (same shopping center as HMart). Smashburger (which I like for their chicken sandwiches) are near Apple Farm and Shoprite.

Who’s blaming the restaurants. You just agreed that these types of places attract these types of parents and kids. No biggie, I don’t frequent them.

Yes, that’s it, Bareburger. They all start to look alike after awhile.