I Met Babette Last Night!

H & I stopped in to meet @Babette last night in her shop! We only live 45 minutes away, and were on our way to meet up with the kids for dinner in Seattle. Her shop is in a cool area in South Seattle, (Georgetown) and has a bunch of various artists studios, artisan food crafters and microbreweries.

She was delightful to chat with, and I was finally able to give her a jar of the wild Alaskan black currant jelly I made, for experimentation in her confections. Also, she made the “baklava list” lol. Anyway, a fun evening that ended well, with great food, and a good visit with my SIL’s mother who flew up from Scottsdale for a few days.

Almost forgot to mention, she gave us some wonderful dark chocolate English Toffee - so good!


Cool. She wasn’t covered in flour or icing sugar?

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She has a shop? That reminds me that I still need to post about the great chocolate made by Babette that I bought during my Seattle trip a few months ago. It was great. And I am not saying that just to be nice.

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Ha ha, no she wasn’t! She was however working hard on after holiday clean up in a tank top, and the shop was very cool. I was freezing just looking at her. Very nice and talented person!

That’s awesome.

What is the name of the shop? We will be in Seattle in May and would love to stop in!

Check babette’s profile, there is the name.


:blush: :kissing_heart:

Aww thanks! I have a kitchen space in Georgetown at Equinox Studios, don’t keep regular retail hours but do ArtWalk second Saturdays and online order pickup by appt.

Lol, just trying to get it back to ‘5 second rule’ clean after holiday production. But I do like a cool kitchen, chocolate cooperates best when room temp is around 65f.

The baklava was delicious, thank you so much! Always one of my favorite things and I know making it is a labor of love. And well baked, no doughy layers :+1: