I love butter

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And French butter - where have you been all my life? When I was a kid, butter tasted great. Now, American butter, for the most part is all water with no taste. I do like Cabot, but I started using European butters a few years ago. I was in St. Martin and we had a kitchen so we made breakfast. I wondered why my simple buttered toast tasted so good and it was the butter - Danish butter there. I have since used Danish, Kerrygold, and now I’m using President and I am sad when I’m done with my toast. It is so good!!


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This one is my current favorite.



I love butter too!



What type of monster doesn’t like butter? I would butter everything if I could. And whipped butter is amazing!

I find myself using “generic” butter when I need to make big batches of either herbed/flavored butter for food or other recipes, but I reserve special butter for toast and other foods where I can savor the rich flavor. Where do you typically find your European butters or other special butters?



If you have chance to come across the French Beurre Bordier from Saint-Malo, Brittany, just get one. Hand churned butter are more delicious than the industrial ones.


My beloved flavoured taste is the smoked salt and seaweed ones. But they are all good, Espelette pepper and the citrus Yuzu one.

I believe now they export, and you find them in big cities like New York or London.



My most favorite butter ever is Anchor from New Zealand - it can be hard to find but worth seeking out. Kerrygold is my everyday choice if I run out of Anchor! I do use American butter (Land o’Lakes or similar) in American baking recipes, though - they don’t always turn out right if you use butter with a lower moisture/higher fat content.



It is one (of many) reasons I could NEVER go vegan. I just don’t think I could go without butter. It is my one caveat for Thanksgiving too - I’m happy to cook vegetarian for guests (and often do) but I WILL NOT do Thanksgiving without butter. Just not possible for me. (Other meals we can work it out).


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Trader Joe’s cultured butter is excellent - I reserve it for toast. Anyone tried it? Guesses as to manufacturer?


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Love it

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Next time you’re at an indian store in nj, pick up Amul butter to try…



Try a pat of algue button on grilled lamb chops. :slight_smile:

Try also Monoprix’s cultured butter. Excellent quality for the money and easy availability.

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re just plain butter, I know that chef’s chide those who use butter as a flavor crutch instead of relying on ingredients and technique to build flavor. But I do enjoy the rush of flavor that a knob added at the end of a sauce or soup makes.



Unless you’re making brown butter, when it’s all about the buttery goodness and the rich, toasty brown bits…mmmmmm…buttery brown bits.


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I buy this at a store called Netcost. They specialize in eastern European foods. The butter section takes up one entire wall. Two locations in NJ.


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Second favorite is this one… easy to find.




Recently bought this Rodolphe Le Meunier. I have tried many “European style” butters in the USA. This is the only one that tastes as good as the ones I had in France. I can’t recall tasting anything better. It was pretty expensive (for butter) and the store I bought it from is about an hour away. I only have two tablespoons left which makes me sad. I might make the drive to get more as we get into corn season, maybe sooner. I understand that Whole Foods sells it but I doubt that my small whole foods does.



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I’m intrigued now! I may have to go to Whole Foods and see if they have it!



And playing my broken record, never visit a Grocery Outlet without checking out its butter offering. European and European style butters are available with some freuency. And at extraordinary prices, to say nothing of convenience.


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Next time I’m in Manhattan I’ll have to check!! That looks good!!

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I absolutely :heart: LOVE :heart: this thread! And now I have many new butters to suss out.

And yes, Trader Joe’s cultured butter is a good one at a pretty good price!