I just read this article and cannot believe this is a "thing"

Of course after my initial disbelief my second thought was; “I wonder if this would circumvent my diabetes”?

Hey it’s been almost six months since I’ve had a drink! I might be able to pull off the hand stand, but no way could I self serve, who is going to give their ole’ pal NotJr a hand?? MZ? Lingua? StoneSoup? CK? CJ? C’mon peeps!!


I have no words to convey how I feel after seeing that picture. Just when you think you’ve seen it all…


I saw this today too - it is truly insane what kids these days will do! I will pass on the cough syrup enemas, thanks!

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I’m sure it’s an epidemic.



What’s most disturbing? That:

(a) You need to enlist a friend;
(b) Another friend will do your Ass-Chug Selfie for social media; or
© You can use a “fun all”?



You just have to wonder . On the first one to come up with this idea . Sitting around . " Hey I have a idea let’s get some cough syrup I’ll do a hand stand and your going to pour it in my ass ." : :dizzy_face::


Hey! Let’s try the cough syrup formula with the expectorant! Now that’s fun!

Mind boggling.

We did some stupid things when we were younger but I think we would have drawn the line at that.

You all must have grown up a little further from the trailer than me. I saw this being absolutely a thing in early seventies and I’m guessing it had been for a while.

I hope as marijuana is gradually decriminalized (and eventually legalized) throughout the country we’ll see less of kids getting high on these obviously dangerous and unsatisfactory alternatives. They’ll just be to steal superior intoxicants from their parents and not sniff glue and computer keyboard cleaner, or chug cough syrup through whatever orifice. Sheesh.


While recognizing why this is shock-worthy, it seems to me, when you step back, you are looking at an overall cultural trend of people being encouraged in media to chase down extreme and exotic bodily sensations and thrills.

Alas, I think a lot of food media is a big pusher in that direction. It’s like a “thing” to put it on the “to-do” list to consume every far-flung imported food product you can find on the shelf of your local trendy market, the more extreme the better.

I noticed on Hungry Onion there was another thread about a British pie-and-mash shop recently opened in Philadelphia that is enjoying a huge success serving up eels and eel sauces even as the appetite for this is on the wane in the UK, surprising some people. I didn’t say it in the thread but I thought “what’s the surprise?” Seems to me a big part of the foodie stampede anywhere in America, led by Anthony Bourdain, is to not pass through life without eating every kind of low-rent street food on the planet (no matter the cost to the planet), the weirder-sounding the better. And by all means tweet it, Instagram it, selfie-it.

So shocked, sure, but not surprised that teens have come up with this sensation to chase. Maybe they could find a way to combine it with the ice-bucket challenge and have it go viral on YouTube so it has some dimension of being a greater social good.

Thanks for the link, Not Jr. I followed it and took a look at the story and photos. Thought provoking stuff.

Immediately, I thought:

“Damn neighbors were way out of line - getting pissed at me for giving their kids Molly.”

Then - “You know, I’m pretty certain we’re almost out of Robitussen. Better pick some up, cold & flu season is upon us.”

Finally - “I think I know that ass.”

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People put stuff up their butts all the time (ask any emergency room nurse.) Nothing new.


Well I have to admit, I’m surprised you started your post with “You all” instead of “Y’all”, so you’re not as close to the trailer as I would initially have believed.


When I was a kid we just drank it!

Ah, kids these days. They’ll shove anything up their bodily orifices for cheap (and maybe tasty) thrills :laughing:

(and maybe tasty) I don’t think the cough syrup is going to make it all the way back up to the taste buds.

Maybe kids’ butts have evolved to have butt buds.

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“butt buds”, and with this I will exit the topic now.

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Oh, sure ,start this topic, and now you… butt out? Wrecker. You’ll never get your own board with such ass-inine tricks.

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