I got black & blue marks at Stew Leonard's, Yonkers...

I mean I like to shop at Stews, but what a hassle going thru it with your shopping cart. The moment you stop to check something out the person behind you bangs into you. By the time I got to the parking area I must have gotten pelted half a dozen times!
Used to be worse years ago before they added quick exits. One had to follow the weaving line from start to finish…


That used to happen to me at Fairway but those days seem to be over :wink:

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That’s what keeps me from shopping at Stew Leonard’s - having to go through the stupid maze so you see everything in the order they want you to see it. Annoys the crap out of me, and as you say, there’s always an idiot behind you who will ram their cart right into you.

And it happens no matter what time you go. I absolutely hate that store - but they have some good stuff,

It’s practically a miracle if ones car as well as body can make it through the shopping experience unscathed these days…Same goes for Costco down the hill…

Additionally a big shout out to the very unfortunate farm animals … most of the humans, and I use the term loosely, belong in the pens!!!
Lastly the smaller more manageable store shopping carts are designed to take ones shins out.

Ha!!! Going to that Costco is like a contact sport!

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Agree, Gwenn.

Their ice cream and dairy are excellent. They used to have stellar meat and seafood, now the same can be had anywhere else.

Old Stew had a gimmick, and got rich on it. IMO, his day is over. The despotic maze - once you’re in, you can’t get out, or do they have safe exits now - idea was novel, now it’s ridiculous. I went once to the store in Yonkers, wouldn’t go back. CT is much more human, but definitely not worth the gas.

Fairway in Pelham was worth a single visit too, but shopping for groceries in a store the length of a football field (maybe I exaggerate, a little) is also not worth it. Nothing there I can’t get elsewhere.

Another favorite is Shoprite in New Rochelle. Every day is nursing home visit day, because of the low prices.

Looks like I have as many personal rules for shopping as I do for eating out. :grin:


Again, whether its crowded or not people bump into you! The one in CT is a little more civilized. I made the mistake of going the week before Thanksgiving this year - early - and the line just to park the car was so long.

It’s why we love you!

And how about the chaos around those sample stations. Grabbing, scratching, banging carts, moving ahead of the line. Talk about ‘contact sport’!

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Stewies. As Yogi once said, “It’s so crowded no one goes there anymore.”


The pastrami tasting station, that’s a tough one to get at. It is a good product, but the line can get vocal. And forget about the banging shopping carts. Might wear football gear next time to prevent a bruise…

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I used to get my little fix when shopping at Stews In Yonkers
I admit I would sometimes go in for seconds
They recently changed the pastrami to a thicker leaner cut
To me it has a very processed feel … I don’t like it at all … thankfully
gutreactions, have you tried the newer pastrami?

Leaner pastrami = less flavor!!!

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Gotta make sure everyone is healthy.

So they can pay more for their small plates and not take any food home because they don’t know how to practice portion control. So they can eat their ice cream in smaller containers and chug their coffee sludge in largest containers.

When others decide what is best for me. What a world.

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I am really tired of that. Last year I went to a well thought of French restaurant in Chappaqua and ordered the duck breast only to discover it was roasted WITHOUT THE SKIN. Seriously. It had the weirdest texture, and no flavor. Because the people in the area hate fat. They can’t figure out that they can put it to the side so we end up with food without the flavor. At the market they had a rib roast that had almost no fat on the top. Really? And Epstein’s Kosher deli, where you can still get a regular pastrami sandwich, has taken all the fat off the brisket. Why bother eating it?

Whoa. Keep me away from those places.

I don’t remember it being lean, but the pastrami sandwich at Ben’s Deli was only enough for a toddler. When I get a pastrami sandwich, I want it like Katz’s (well, like Katz’s used to be, perhaps they are cutting back too), i.e., big as my head.

Catch a clue, chi-chi folks: you don’t have to eat it all, you can bring it home.

Duck without skin. It’s a sacrilege to have killed the poor creatures and then not serve their skin. And don’t think they throw it away, the restaurant uses it to make another dish for another patron, so they make that much more.

No worries there!

Is that Katz’s?

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