I developed my own pastry robot, would you mind give me advices ?

I’m Louis, I am a young engineer and first of all a pastry lover. Few years ago I started to design a smart robot to help me process pastries.

I’ve met pastry chefs who advised me a lot about the options I added. I included all features that I needed : ingredients are stored in the upper part, the robot weighs the right quantity to be dispensed in the mixing bowl below (flour and sugar are dispensed with sieves while chocolate and butter are melted in the containers at the right temperature). The mixing speed and duration are also controlled by the robot depending on the recipe you select.

Finally I’ve built this system on top of a temperature-programmable oven, an oven with a homogeneous and precise heat to the nearest degree (finally ! I think that my old oven was responsible for most of my failures…).
The robot works very well and I was able to experiment with several pastries, from madeleines to chocolate éclairs…

After much enthusiastic feedback from my relatives, I would have liked to know your opinion on this project : which points seem interesting to you and which are useless ?

Thank you for your feedback.


With complete appreciation for your ability to create such a machine, I make pastry because I like to make pastry. . I want to do it by hand, myself.


Are you envisioning this as a commercial machine or is it for home use?

Excuse me. Could you clarify how it would work?

E.g., the machine mixes dry ingredients (flour, baking powder etc.) with wet ingredients (eggs, butter, milk) with maybe a built in mixer?

Then it gives me a cake batter, tart/pie dough, or some other dough/batter that I can used to make cakes/pies/tarts/pasta/bread?

Is that how it works?

It seems to require different types of mixing/kneading depending on what I choose.

thank you

Hello, I too am a pastry lover, and the machine will never replace humans.

In fact I designed this robot pastry chef for two things, the first one : it helps me a lot for layer recipes where it takes care of the sponge cake all by itself while I do the assembly. And secondly I use it when I have a lot of quantity to do (for parties or birthdays!).

Are there things that you like less to do in pastry? If so, don’t you think a kitchen assistant might save you from unpleasant or repetitive tasks ?

For the moment it is a prototype but as more relatives are interested I’m planning its production, maybe through a crowdfunding campaign !**

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You’re right about the built in mixer, I’ve designed a versatile tool with commutable baking whip. Ingredient are dispensed from their containers in the upper part. Individual dispensing system allows me to drop powders, liquids and melting ingredients in the right quantity, at the right moment !

When the dough is ready its fall into a oven below through a hatch. For basic pastry I can process them fully autonomously, filling the containers and starting a program. For more complex recipe or layers cakes I use the robot to process the dough or cook it and I work beside it, I kept for myself the funnier part to say :wink:

Indeed I’ve built different whisk, hook and emulsion whisk to adapt to each kind of recipe. I put the right one on before launching a recipe.

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Any video?

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