I can't remember which recipe I used

Last summer a friend asked me to make coffee ice cream for him after sampling several of the flavors I made for my niece’s ice cream-themed party. I did and he raved about it which made me happy.

This summer I’ve made friends with a couple here in the apartment complex and I enjoy talking to them at the pool. Somehow the topic of ice cream came up and I must have mentioned how I’ve been making it all summer. I asked her what she wanted me to make for her and she requested coffee ice cream.

My problem is that I can’t remember which recipe I used last summer. It was either the one in The Perfect Scoop or the one in Bravetart. I’m not someone who logs what they make or who keeps notes on what worked or didn’t work. I kind of regret that now. haha

I’m going with the recipe in The Perfect Scoop. It seems like what I would have done. We shall see how it turns out. And yes I am going to start making notes in the future!



I had to start taking good notes!!

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Your title rang my bell! How many times have I searched online or was in in a book…to try to remember which one I did make.

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The BraveTart recipe steeps the custard overnight, then the next day you finish and process it, then it freezes overnight again to firm up - so maybe you remember if it took several days from beginning to end?

On the other hand, the Perfect Scoop one uses a massive 1 1/2 cups coffee beans, which feels a little sad and wasteful when straining the custard (maybe that triggers a memory?)… but it is OUTSTANDING!


I truly don’t remember which recipe/method I used. Just going to roll the dice and go with The Perfect Scoop.

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