I am currently addicted to...

current addictions

I am obsessed with these 3 things right now.

The Chavrie cheese, (available at HEB), is spreadable, incredibly delicious, and my fave way of consuming it is currently on bread/crackers with olive oil, salt, pepper and whatever else topping I’m feeling… like the Calabrian peppers.

These I use in almost everything, scrambled eggs, on pizza, in pasta dishes, on a cracker with cheese :slight_smile: and in anything I want to add their flavor to. They are spicy, but so, so flavorful. These are not peppers that are all about heat, they are about a hit of heat + flavor, big time. I’m currently buying them at a local pizzeria, but I think they are available through multiple sources.

Finally, the chicharron salt. You can find this at Savory Spice. It is killer, KILLER good. I haven’t yet experimented with it enough to find all the perfect applications, but I just had it tonight on crackers with the Chavrie spread over the top + the salt on top of that. It’s killer on eggs. Is made from actual chicharrones, combined with salt & spices, and it is such porky goodness there has to be a zillion ways to use it. Let’s find 'em all.

What are you currently obsessed with?


I am currently obsessed with this fermented hot sauce. I have never made anything fermented, ever. And I was really nervous. But this stuff is awesome! And easy. The first batch I made got some white mold on top and after some internet advice, I just scooped it off and carried on. I now have my mom and my brother-in-law hooked and they’re making their own on the other side of the country.


I need to do this. I have basically my entire harvest of hot peppers languishing in the fridge and I’m sure they’re going to go bad soon - this would be a perfect way to use them up!

Do it! Seriously. It’s really easy.

I discovered these in 7 -11s in Thailand. They also have them in shops in Laos. They are a very crisp thin biscuit with a soft banana and chocolate filling. Sort of in the shape of a koala with several different koala pictures stamped on. Very moreish. They also do just chocolate, milk and green tea fillings. These are the ones to go for though.


Banana Thins

An AirBnB guest brought these as a gift, and I need more! Someone needs to import these so I can buy them.

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Wow…I bet that salt would go great on cheeseburgers. I’ve never even heard of that. Thanks for the tip! Where do you buy yours?

Currently I’m not too obssessed with anything. However, I have been using Valentinas hot sauce on way too much stuff lately lol. Oh maybe my cider pickled jalapenos. I’ve been eating a few too many of those.

The chicharron salt is really good on popcorn. Add while just out of the popper and toss.

I’m addicted to eggs, prepared all styles. We go through 5-6 dozen eggs a month btwn me and my wife. It’s a life long addiction.

Gringo Bandito Green Sauce is my go to. Originally bottled by rocker Dexter Holland, avail on Amazon. Just the right amount of heat and outstanding on eggs.

I have become addicted to honey. Searching for all rarity harvests and spending way more than a pair of shoes to enjoy it.

Lastly, Hoisin sauce is something I use whenever that tang is just what the dish is missing. I slather hoisin on most proteins, steamed rice, grilled vegetables. So much flavor in one spoonful.

My kimchi obsession is still going strong…!! Over the summer i made this radish salad on repeat (swapping chinese sesame paste for making my own) and whatever salad greens i have on hand. Lately i roast the daikon and radish greens with some sturdy greens (chard or kale) and keep the red radishes raw. I have made this soooo many times and the obsession has yet to fade! I like to add tofu to the roasting veg to make it more of a meal

I just snack on the kimchi often and then use the kimchi liquid to make awesome salad dressings, just whisked into some neutral oil. I buy a brand of white kimchi at H mart that’s vegetarian and not too spicy for my wimpy self, but i do love mother in law’s kimchi and she makes several vegan ones so when they go on sale i stock up.

Black vinegar is another fairly recent obsession, i like to mix it with soy sauce and toasted sesame oil and keep a good size jar of that in the fridge. Great to perk up veggies and delicious just on a bowl of white rice.

Kombucha is definitely an obsession that hasn’t faded, i have been making my own and feel like i finally figured out the right fermentation times for my apartment and what i like for flavoring the bottles. I drink a bottle a day and my tummy really loves it and has been very happy ever since i started drinking daily.

Curious to know what brand of black vinegar you recommend. The choices can be overwhelming. Thanks.

I actually haven’t a clue…! I bought my big bottle in a little market in shanghai on my last trip there immediately after our waiter had said the dumplings dipping sauce was made with it. I just got lucky that it was a posh market with english labels underneath items on the shelf and made a totally random selection based on size and price!

I am also loving adding Calabrian chiles to many dishes. I just had some with peppers, onions and really sharp provolone mixed into my scrambled eggs a few minutes ago. Yum. (They don’t go that well with coffee, though.)

I either buy mine online through Amazon or at one of the wonderful little Italian markets in Boston’s North End.

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Oh, thanks for that link. I have a bunch of fatale peppers in the freezer. One plant gave tons and tons of peppers. They are delicious and easy to freeze whole, but it would be fun to make some hot sauce.

I have a friend who does a lot of Indian cooking and she told me to just stick them whole in the freezer. I did that for the first time this year and it’s worked perfectly. It probably depends on the type of chile, though. Something with a lot of flesh might get too mushy.

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Thanks for checking. I’ll go up to our local Asian market and see what they have. Your dipping sauce sounds really good.

Turkey legs from MY HEB in Houston. I eat about three a week at 4 bucks each and I’m reheating one in the oven right now.

Here is the Black Vinegar recommended by Fuchsia Dunlop and Grace Young.

Really good stuff.


OK I just spent half an hour at Savory Spice and here are waaaay too many things in my cart besides the chicharron salt. Have you tried the Portuguese fermented chili flakes? They sound intriguing, as do too many other things.


I haven’t tried those, but they do have a LOT of things I love. The chicken fried steak seasoning is SUPER. As is the red enchilada seasoning.

I also feel lost if I run out of the crushed aleppo pepper. !! Their Ras al Hanout is good, and their Piri Piri is hot as hell. As it should be!

They let you smell/taste everything so I often walk out with more than I went in for. Do you have one in your area or were you shopping online?

Ohohoh, almost forgot: I also love the minced toasted onion . Very flavorful, wonderful on steamed & buttered veggies.

shopping on line, which is dangerous enough, if I went in I would probably come out with one of everything! I looked at the chicken fried steak seasoning, guess I had better add that. Free shipping on orders over $35! :wink:

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