Hyperlinking not working right

When I select a word, click the “hyperlink” button, and paste the url, it used to create kind of a footnote at the bottom of the page. Now, it just puts in the entire link: http://hungryonion.com/ (that was supposed to be an embedded link)

you are right. something is wrong. let me look into this.

I created a www.Google.com here to google and the link isn’t clickable for me, unlike your link above.

Do you have an approx idea when the hyperlinks stopped working for you?

I reported it right after I discovered the problem (I was creating a link at this thread: new french bakery in menlo park- Mademoiselle Colette )

I know what you are referring to that they used to put the link at the bottom of the post. Not sure why and how it changed.

When I click on the Hyperlink button- after I enter the URL, I can add an optional text at the end:

http://www.google.com “Google”

The result is this:

but it doesn’t seem to work without the http://



So it seems like there is a way to get it to work for now. The next time I bring the site down I can keep an eye out if this is because of things I recently did.

I see. To get the link button to work, you now have to paste the Url followed by the optional text in double quotes.

I think this method is an improvement on the footnote style it used to use.-- that was a pain in the butt when I wrote a post with 85 outside links.

Everytime I write a post it puts it in a different thread. Third time wasnt a charm.

Can you elaborate? I am not following.

It happens when I quote a post. Therein lies the problem I think.

A blue banner pops up, says that I will be directed to a particular thread. But it isnt the thread that I was responding to.

I think when I quote from one thread and try to post it to another it doesn’t want to.

In the past, i can put a link in the word “address”, url won’t be showing and we can see it blue with a link.

The error I got today is when I put url in “address”, the whole address “http://www.xyz” appears and replaces the word “address”

I don’t think it’s the same issue as @Robin