Hyderabadi Zaiqa W 52nd Street

Read about this place from @mubereats on instagram. Tiny place. Maybe three bench seating spots. Never was a big fan of biryani (how much rice can one eat?). But their biryani goat dum was fantastic. Highly spiced - not heat but the cardamom, cinnamon etc. Not oily. Butter chicken luscious. Served with a watery raita and extra curry sauce for the biryani.

Got four meals out of it. $36.

Take out. Everyone seemed to be getting that goat biryani: those dining and all the bags of delivery lined up.

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The most interesting part of that restaurant is their “Kids Menu”

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You clearly do not live with Mr. travelmad478. The answer is “there is no limit.”


Thank you. I stopped following that thread. Too much non nyc chit chat for my taste. Hence, the separate post.

They researched “what do American kids eat” instead of “what do nyc kids eat”. :wink:

Checkout the menu for this multi-chef takeout platform. There are TWO items on the kids menu across the board – chicken fingers & mac.

What they offer is salan, a sauce/gravy made with ground peanuts, sesame, etc., and a special accompaniment to biryani in Hyderabad. It’s not common in NYC (in my experience).

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Thank you for that information. I’ve been telling all my friends and neighbors about this place. I loved it.

Thanks for posting. I’ve been wanting to get to this place forever!

My wife and I ate there today – we had the goat dum biranyi and the lasuni gobi (fried eggplant with a garlicy tomato sauce). Both dishes were notably good.

I thought the only flaw was that the goat chunks were just a touch dry. My wife thinks that’s only because I’m lactose intolerant and couldn’t add the raita, which she thought was an essential part of the dish.

I need someone to give a review of the items on the Kids Menu.

C’mon, NYC HO’ers, don’t let me down.

Really? It’s basically bar food for kids.

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That was supposed to be a joke? Huh.

I dunno, perhaps it’s a reference to a baby goat since GeForce ordered goat dum biryani.

Are you kidding?

I’ll see myself out.

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Yeah, I kid you not, hopefully I’m wrong.