hwa yuan

our first visit to hwa yuan since they re-opened, we had the duck and it was delicious, probably the best rendition I’ve had in chinatown and everyone at the table loved it. The other dishes were well-prepared but forgettable and to my eye, overpriced. The room is nice for chinatown, service was terrible but the place was slammed.

Still, we think we’d head back to share half a duck and a noodle or veg dish.


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Yep, why I don’t go unless someone insists upon it. Surprised to hear that the service was bad - I’ve only been twice, but no complaints in that department.

the place was completely full with 20-30 people waiting to be seated. Walked by ny noodletown on the way to the subway, it was also packed.

You went for Chinese on Christmas Eve, didn’t you. We dodged that bullet and had Korean! (Also crowded, but not crazy.)

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lol, we did! Our first time, good thing we had a reservation. maybe korean next year, where did you go?


Been going pretty regularly for a while. We were there on the 26th. Had the duck which is still one of the best in the city. The soup and regular dumpling are also very good as is the standard cold noodles. Other dishes can be hit or miss. But the service was fine for us. Restaurant was only half full. At the end of the meal, Shorty came by and I shook his hand and thanked him for a great meal. He is a very modest guy. Later I asked for our check and the waiter said he was first getting us a slice of cheesecake on the house from chef Tang. I had never had dessert there as usually I’m too full to think of dessert. I was blown away by the cheesecake. Light, tangy and not dense at all. Now I will need to leave room for the cheesecake.