Hurricane Cuisine, or what's on the menu NJ

So I’m thinking beans and spam on the camp stove by Coleman lantern.

Or maybe a MRE by candlelight.

Any body got any recipes using slim Jim’s out there?

Gotta get me that emergency generator.

French toast Tuesday: gotta use bread milk and eggs bought for the storm.

That is if JCP & L guys make it from Ashtabula to restore power.

Storm surge catch of the day…

Hey CJ, can I come crabbin on your front yard Monday?

You know some times they bite better when a storm is coming.

So if a duck gets blown through my window can I eat it?

there’s already a Labor Day menu thread that includes EVERYONE.

also, this board isn’t your personal blog.

So today I woke up early and made myself some eggs to go with the leftover bbq I had from last night’s takeout from Surf BBQ. The sky already looked ominous as I rolled out to Walmart to stock up for the storm at about 6:30.

Wait, this isn’t my personal blog?? Nevermind (with apologies to Rosanne Rosanadana).

Well here’s one for you:

You are such a gentleman, your mama certainly raised you right.

Seriously? Lighten up. It’s a food forum to have fun on and maybe learn a few things. It’s people like you, and the moderators, that ruined chow hound.


Hey CJ, have any special hurricane recipes to share?

I think we still have a few Chicken Tetrazini MREs left from after Sandy, if you’d like me to drop them off.

[quote=“seal, post:9, topic:6350”] made
myself some eggs to go with the leftover bbq I had from last night’s takeout from Surf BBQ.

I love making breakfast hash from leftover barbecue. Great treat. A fine meat for an Eggs Benedict variation as well.

I did three, half racks of spare ribs last night to have around. Next step will be to start working my way through the freezer to minimize the “at risk” foodstuffs.

FYI NJ peeps, I have petitioned the moderator to change the name of this thread to hurricane cuisine so as to not further confuse stray Canadians.


The condemned eat a hearty breakfast in anticipation of impending JCP & L induced doom.

I’ll get some pics over in a few hours…should be a good spread. Some of those cherry wood burgers are definitely in my future though…today with bacon :slight_smile:

This was a pic the day before sandy. Yes the Taylor brand was sold out but the tangy shoprite did the trick.

Is that Taylor Swift’s ham I see in that shot?

I’ve wanted to do a blind taste test of the Taylor vs shoprite tangy. In fact, I wonder if it comes from the same processing plant. How many porkroll “factories” are there? Lol…serious question.

Viking, anything good on the prestorm menu?