HungryOnion: We made it on the First Page of Google!

When typed in “hungryonion” 2 weeks ago, this site used to show up on the 3rd or 4th page of Google search. I just checked now. We are now on the first page, listed as second.

This is good news. First, it means we are gaining traffic, and second it means it will be easier for new users to find us. There is nothing we cannot do now – after Google God has blessed us!

Google God! Heed My Call!


This is seriously good news. The ranking has been vacillating between the last of first page and the second page.

Now wouldn’t a review of the Hungry Onion Drive-in from someone in the Boise area be interesting…


“You’ve visited this page many times.” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yay, Sampson! “If you build it, they will come.”

We did!

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First now?

Does it mean the review of Hungry Onion Drive-In has taken a lower priority?

(Edited: Slightly misleading. It showed as the first because how often I come over here. Still, we are third now).

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If you’re not logged into google,
It’s the 3rd or 4th return on the search results.

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Oh I see. Good point. Newbie mistake. Still, it is pretty damn good to be the 3rd.


I’ve just not gotten around to bookmarking it so I type “h” and it comes up so I guess that adds to it, right? Is there anyway of knowing if every member of this site is from CH?

How do you rank for “Food Forum” or other key word combinations? You should be optimizing your SEO for those phrases, so people can find you without knowing the site name. After a few months, for the forum I setup (now decomissioned), I was 2nd for “food talk Toronto” (or something similar).


True, key words like “food forum”, “gastronomy”, “food talk Sans Franscisco” in the description might help is now number 1 when you google it from a browser that’s not logged in. Congrats!


Great! Now all we need to do is overhaul the site and replace boards with tags to boost googability😉


Yup, number one! Congrats to all!!

I personally think what we need (in the long run) is to write good solid articles and good Q&A threads.
That was how Chowhound drew me in. It has a lot of nice articles and good Q&A, so I finally wanted to ask my questions, and not just being a lurkers.

That was my experience. I can imagine a few others joined for similar reasons…

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Can you please elaborate? Articles on the Chow side of the house? What kind of Q&A threads?

I don’t mean Chow side of the articles. Many of the Chow side of the articles are not on the same level as or…etc. I mean threads with some “meats” in them – with real tangible information and insight.

I was a bit unclear by referring them as articles and Q&A threads. I was thinking about threads with extremely informative original post as “articles”. Usually, these are threads where the original posters intended to write in-depth reviews.

Q&A threads as in threads where someone posted a question and the numerous subsequently Q&A flushed out useful information. I can think of a couple of cookware seasoning threads.

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By all means, Chem - start 'em. This board is what we make it, after all.


What terrific news! Mazel tov.

The word is out on fodors

What do you mean?