HungryOnion: We made it on the First Page of Google!

On the lounge at fodors we have been talking about the changes on chowhound and were told of the new forum hungryonion.


What is fodors?, a travel forum

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I agree, and have been fundamentally thinking the same thing. Which led to understanding that my own “OPs” have always been predominantly based upon what I, subjectively, think is interesting at any given moment in time. Moreover, I never really paid much attention to length or hesitated with references of limited appeal. Generally speaking, this led to quite a few “boutique-y” threads with only a small number of participants. Once in a while, I’d get lucky and something struck enough of a chord to generate a broader conversation.

Personally, I am inclined to proceed here in the same manner, though I have tried to post a few links to outside articles that I feel others will find thought-provoking (although, if the “recipe book/cooking philosophy” thread is any indication, clearly I’m sometimes wrong). I am very open, however, to hearing your, and others’, thoughts on the subject as we go forward.

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Another, related thought: Should we consciously be trying to post more to new/existing threads in the hope that the consequent subthreads trigger more conversation and contributions?

Much appreciated for your answer. Thanks.

I like to particularly read posts which have no response or few responses, and try to respond to them if I can. There is a “Name your favorite cheap eats” post which I thought is well written on a great topic, but it didn’t get any response for almost a whole day, so I responded to it.

I think sometime it is nice to contribute to new and promising thread.


Next up: be on the page for “chowhound sucks” “alternatives”.

I did search on:

“favorite cheap eats, new york”
“Jin Go Gae” a London Korean place

WITHOUT the key word Hungry Onion

Both times, HO is listed on the second page, not too bad, uh?

Woo hoo!!!