Hungry Onion is one year old!

Already? Yes! Already! Hungry Onion is one year old! Its today last year the Hungry Onion name was registered and the site opened up shop. The site has already undergone quite a lot of changes. I want to thank all our users for supporting the site and engaging in interesting dialogues about food during the last year! Without our users the site is nothing, really.

You might have noticed that I have been under the radar in the last few months. I have been rather swamped personally and at work during this time so I haven’t surfaced much. While there are pockets of bright spots on the site, we all want more discussions. I’d share with you what I am working on next.

An About Us page- for newbies who hasn’t heard of us and Chowhound, its pretty confusing what exactly we are doing here and what value we are providing for people so this is a quick intro for them.

Droolicious Q&A- someone of you may be familiar with Reddit Ask me Anything. Ours is food specific. Professionals and non-professionals like are welcome. For pros, we want to pick the brains of food writers, chefs, cookbook authors, cookware makers. We discussed this previously now is time to work on this. Separate thread coming.

Press Kit- for the PR people of the pros so they can see what we are about and our activity levels. And once we got some traction on the Q&A and the Event organization (below), start asking food writers to write about us. Free PR is key for more discussions.

Event organization page- ever organized a Chow/ HO-down (dining meetups) before with a bunch of email exchanges? I have recently. Ouch. And once is enough. The page is halfway done but should help more active regions like SF, NJ and Boston, and help set us apart from other sites (and writers to write about us)

Comments welcome. Again thank you all for your support during the first year!!


Thanks for creating HO, Sampson. It’s been a nice place.


Good work!! Thanks for keeping things going so that we have a place to hang out!


I’m diggin it, it’s groovy.


Hats off to you Sampson. Keep up the good work. Many more years of success!


Congrats, Sampson! We have been working to get more people on board…hungry for more.

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Happy Happy!!!

Haven’t been as active as I had expected. A baby grandchild who is active enough for all of us has absorbed so much of my time in the past five months.


You’ve built it and people have come - well done!

Thank you for creating and maintaining this site for our community; I think it means an awful lot - to a whole lot of us.


Thanks, Sampson!!! We love HO!


this is great! thanks for setting it up. it’s coming along nicely!!!

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Last year when I joined I was travelling alone in Albania and northern Greece where internet was slow and intermitten. I did join the other forum as soon as that former wretched site went down the drain. However, I hardly posted on the other forum for several reasons. Only when I got to Thessaloniki internet was reliable again and Lingua said to get my arse on here ASAP and I did.

Thank you, everyone!

Alone in Albania last year

Same time this year I am in Quebec City (via Reykjavik).


So the talk on FTC is Robert is going to be losing $ 140.00 a month to run the site . Something about more people viewing the sight will cost more money . He want’s members to pitch $ . I can see his point . Why keep the sight running and pay out of pocket . I believe both these sights are run from Discourse . They want more money . Is HO headed this way ?

The software platform is the same though the configuration is different. The recurring monthly cost is lower- ~$28/ month, with capacity in reserve, and no revenue. More technically inclined minds can probably cut the cost in half. There is no anticipated financial pressure.


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I’ll give you $2.80 per month to be 10% partner in the site. I’ll give you some time to think over my offer.


I just signed on over there to see what was up, they are at less than half the overall activity than us and they are running at a $140 deficit which they cannot or are not in a position to absorb, I’m not really sure what the future is going to look like there.

Anyone from there reading this come on over!!!


That’s the day I have been waiting for since day 1! I am going to cash out now. I AM RICH *%(#!% !!!

(Ok sorry I am just having a little fun @NotJrvedivici at your expense)


Congratulations & thank you Sampson!##

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Thanks for having me. It’s a great place you’ve created!

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