Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Spring 2018 - March 12-25

OK so it’s that time again. We are 2 months away from the “spring” edition of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. Many restaurants take reservations 2 months in advance so this is a good time to start making plans. Lunch is $22.95, dinner $32.95.

I just made lunch reservations at American Bounty at the CIA. Their lunch menu is pretty good, portions are large, and they have no surcharges (unlike Caterina de Medici and Bocuse, which have supplements on some items on their lunch and dinner menus). We had a nice meal there last time, although our server wasn’t very talkative (she was Chinese and I don’t think her English was that great). Also, if you have Opentable dining points, American Bounty gives you a $20 gift card for 2000 points, which is pretty rare (most only give $10).

Last time we had a great meal at Madison Kitchen and I’d definitely suggest going back if they offer the same deal of any 3 dishes plus dessert. The Cookery was excellent, as usual. I was disappointed in my meals at Clocktower Grill and Saltaire (the latter more for the service, although they overcooked my salmon, which is inexcusable at a place like that) and likely won’t go back.

Hopefully Restaurant North will wise up and participate this time so people who haven’t been there since Eric left will give them another try.

The list of restaurants will be on their website but isn’t there yet.

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The restaurant list is finally posted at If the website is to be believed, Restaurant North is back for the first time since Eric left, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday dinner, and Saturday/Sunday brunch. I’m willing to give them another try, although I just checked Opentable and there are many fair-poor recent reviews, which is disappointing.

Fortina in Armonk is participating for the first time but not Rye Brook or Yonkers.

Madison Kitchen is doing Monday-Thursday nights and weekend brunch.

That is one reason I have not tried North again. The menu does not look great either - it just doesn’t appeal to me for some reason. Thanks for the HVRW update!!!

Another restaurant new to the list - Troutbeck in Amenia. Any recent word on it? We have friends who live nearby but they haven’t heard anything.

I’ll have to check out North’s menu. I know that the photos I’ve seen from them on Instagram look really good. Many Opentable reviews complain about small portions and poor service.

troutbeck is back after being closed for a while. i’ve never been, but the area is nice - fancy rustic? - which might be nice for a relaxing trip from your area.

here’s an article on them which i read last month:

rural intelligence is looking for funds to help keep them afloat, they’re filling a niche for mainly columbia county / berkshires / litchfield, but periodically creeping south.

i’m curious to see what char 1788 does; it’s part of tuthill house, which is the distillery over in gardiner.

not a dr. who fan, but pandorica (in beacon) is part of HVRW. interesting…

and the mains at roundhouse (beacon) have turned back to more traditional things. no idea how plating / ingredients are mixed together (ie. crave’s menu in poughkeepsie seems simple, but it’s a bit more complex), but that’s a change from how it was last time i was there.


Thanks for the info on Troutbeck and Roundhouse. Hopefully they will post their menus so we can make an informed decision on whether to go. We’ll be at the CIA the first week, so the drive on the Taconic isn’t going to be a deciding factor for me.

One place I do intend to try this time is Monteverde in Cortlandt Manor. We didn’t get there last time and the chef (Eric Korn) has been posting some stuff on Instagram that looks really good.

So has anyone made reservations? The Cookery’s menu is on their site ( It’s the usual stuff, only thing noteworthy is that they’re offering their new Stickabutta Pie Shake for dessert. They’re also doing weekend brunch.

Roundhouse’s menu is posted ( I’m not impressed.

I don’t see Crave (in Poughkeepsie) listed on the HVRW site. I just emailed them to see if they are participating. We haven’t been there the last few times since their menu didn’t excite me.

Salaire (Port Chester) has their menu on the HVRW website. I’m not thrilled with that one, either, although I don’t eat shellfish. If I did, it’s not bad.

3 Waverly (in Ossining) has their menu posted and it looks decent, stuff from their normal menu. Reviews seem to be mixed.

I had been planning to go to Troutbeck, but I emailed them for their menu, and I don’t like that one, either. I’m posting it here since it’s not on any website.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week
March 12-25, 2018
Prix Fix Dinner $32.95

Sunchoke veloute, poached quail egg, smoked bacon dust
Coach Farm goat cheese galette arugula and walnuts

Roasted Cornish hen, pomme puree, roasted garlic rosemary braised carrots
Monkfish filet in bouillabaisse broth safran and rutabaga

Poppy seed and grapefruit cake
Coffee bean pot de crème

That’s interesting. Have to say, that stickabutta cake was heaven - one of the best desserts I have had that was not chocolate!

Yes, and they posted a photo of the shake on Instagram a while ago and it looked pretty good. No canned pudding on the HVRW menu.

Valley’s menu

Warm Caesar Salad
baby gem lettuce/ toasted brioche/ black garlic
Spring Miso Soup
baby vegetables/ tofu/ scallion
East Coast Oysters (3)
cocktail & mignonette sauces, lemon
Beet Taglatelle
asparagus/ maiitake mushrooms/ Pecorino Romano

LI Skate Wing
baby leeks/ fava beans/ caper-lemon-brown butter
Grilled Hanger Steak
roasted onions/ marble potatoes/ spring garlic chimichurri
Roasted Murray’s Chicken
dirty rice/ nettles/ fiddleheads/ chicken jus
Truffle Risotto
wild mushrooms/ /English peas/ nasturtium

Assorted Ice Creams & Sorbets
Artisan Cheeseboard
blueberry balsamic ice cream
Citrus Tart
grapefruit curd/ citrus salad/ raspberry sauce
Tiramisu Cake
chocolate cake/ marsala mousse/ mascarpone

Oops meant 3 Westerly, not Waverly.

How’s Harvest on Hudson? I found their HVRW menus on their website –

I have only been there once and it was a work event so it was not a good way to judge. Food was not great. Place is gorgeous, PS - glad you are still posting here!

North’s menu is posted on their website. Can’t say I am thrilled, especially with the $8 supplement for the tuna appetizer (although it is $19 on the regular menu) and $10 for the Cod entree (really, $10 extra for Cod???). But we will probably go because I’m curious to try it with the new chef.

It appears that the formerly signature super awesome cookie dessert is gone.

Now that was always good! Those supplements are ridiculous. Let us know how it is, please!

My daughter is eating there on Thursday so I’ll wait for her report before deciding whether to go.

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We had lunch at Kittle House yesterday (the lunch menu is almost the same as dinner for $10 less). My wife started with the lobster bisque, which she always loves and this time was no different. It comes out with a “salad” in the bowl and they pour the soup over it. I had the gnocchi which was very good, although they had the consistency of mashed potatoes inside. That said, the star of the dish for me were the morels, of which there were an ample number, accompanied by thin crisp asparagus and peas. The dish said spring to me, even though there’s still snow outside.

We both got the chicken breast entree. I considered the cod, but it’s not my favorite fish and the parmesan crust preparation didn’t excite me. Plus in past visits the chicken has always been really good, even if it’s not fancy. Anyway, I was very happy with my choice. It was a large breast, boneless except for the wing (I guess airline style is the correct description) accompanied by fresh garlic mashed potatoes with the skin and more of the thin crisp asparagus.

For dessert, my wife had the raspberry rhubarb tart and I had the chocolate panna cotta. The tart was excellent, a large slice topped by a big spoonful of lemon cream. The panna cotta was actually half chocolate and half vanilla and the texture of the chocolate was more like pudding (which makes me wonder how to explain the difference but I guess it was a little softer than I expected). They also have a cheesecake on the dinner menu, which past experience has shown to be excellent.

Service was pretty good. Overall, we were very pleased with our meal.


not sure if i’ll be getting to places for HVRW.

on a sad note - crave in poughkeepsie closed the other day. owner is opening up with a ‘new concept’ there (he also owns lola’s next door, which opened a second location in new paltz).

Yes, we had some very good meals at Crave.

So it was pointed out to me on the other board that Fin & Brew has expanded their RW menu from what is on the HVRW website. We might try it based on the expanded menu.

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