Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - November 1-13, 2016

The list of restaurants for Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is up on their website

It’s earlier than usual this year, and starts on Tuesday rather than Monday, so it’s only 13 days.

The rest of this post is sort of a rant because I think they’ve made the website almost unusable this year. You need to click to see more than 20 restaurants, and they haven’t bothered to sort the list of locations in the Town pulldown, so you get them listed in completely random order. I also haven’t found where they tell you what the day restrictions are, and if you filter the list and then go back after looking at a restaurant, they reset the filters and show you the whole list again! All told, an extremely shoddy version of what had been a very usable website a couple of iterations ago. Good look finding restaurants, and I strongly suggest calling to make sure they’re doing HVRW if you plan to go on a weekend so you don’t find out once you get there and ask for the menu.

BTW Campagna in Bedford does not seem to be participating this time. We had a really nice meal there in March. The Barn is listed. Restaurant North also isn’t listed, and it would really surprise me if they weren’t.

I remember you went to Campagna last time. We don’t do restaurant week. I’m one of those who likes to pick what I want to eat - and we’ve tried everything we want to. Boy would Iove to fine a NEW, GOOD place up in my neck of northern westchester!

We really enjoyed our meal at Campagna last time on RW, I thought there were good choices on the menu.

Amusing story about our Campagna meal I haven’t previously told. When we were ready to pay, their register system was down. They said they were working on it and comped us drinks so we would stick around. We waited 15 minutes or so and the registers were still down, so I gave them my credit card number and wrote down the tip amount and left. They said they would charge me the following day. They never did :slight_smile:. I actually enjoyed the meal so much that I was thinking of going back at regular price, but never got there.


It is hard to corral so many mavericks in the restaurant business. Restaurant Weeks have in general been a good promo for some, all the caveats notwithstanding. Don’t forget, restaurants have to pay in to participate and they want to see a solid return.
By the way, HVRW has really spread out over the years to way beyond what is considered the Hudson Valley…

So, North and Campagna definitely do not seem to be participating. I guess it was Eric who was the big RW proponent at North, and with him gone, so is their participation. Or maybe his leaving is putting them more in flux than they want to admit and don’t want to deal with the crowds at this time.

Inn at Pound Ridge claimed to be doing dinner per the HVRW site, but perhaps as a result of my email to the restaurant asking to confirm this, it now says lunch only (not the first time they have made this mistake, although Opentable says “*5:30 - 6:30 Dinner Seating Only”). There are still other mistakes like showing X and X2O doing Sunday lunch for HVRW.

Kittle House’s menu is up on Opentable. We ate there for HVRW last year and had a pretty nice meal.

Will also be checking out Roundhouse in Beacon (see my other thread about the new chef there). I wanted to go to Crave but they’re apparently no longer doing dinner on Sunday.

BTW The Cookery is now taking reservations on Opentable. They used to be no reservations except for large parties on Saturday nights.

What areas are you talking about? The only non-NY restaurant they have is a place by the name of Char in Greenwich, CT. Are you saying that Rockland is not considered the Hudson Valley?

And yes, the restaurants pay to participate ($700 last time I checked). But presumably it is worth it for them. Jon Pratt of Peter Pratt’s Inn resisted for many years but finally gave in last time and is back this go around.

I do not mean this as a put down, Bill. I generally don’t consider towns like Larchmont, Scarsdale, Harrison, New Rochelle, Armonk and even White Plains to be part of the Hudson Valley. I know there are those that do. If a restaurant wants to participate and they are in the general vicinity, they probably will not be turned away. I know of several restaurants who have signed up for the first time, and others that have opted out. In general, the more the merrier…
Char probably got in since they are the same group that owns Dolphin in Yonkers, right off the Hudson River.

I suspect Kittle House’s menu on Opentable may be from March. It references spring risotto with asparagus, which doesn’t sound very autumnal. Regardless, I made a reservation there because we also enjoyed our meal there last RW.

If you look at the bottom of the page, it says it was last updated on 10/13, so hopefully it is current.

All of Westchester is considered to be part of the Lower Hudson Valley, whether you think of it like that or not. There is no Westchester restaurant week, it’s part of Hudson Valley RW, along with the other counties and has been since the start. You don’t have to be located on the Hudson to be part of the Hudson Valley.

I remember being at X2O (I forget if it was for brunch or RW) and there were 4 senior citizens sitting at the next table and I overheard them ask the server what the Hudson Valley was. They also asked where “this Kelly fellow” was.

We ate at the Kittle House on Friday in the tap room and were quite disappointed. The bill was astronomical. DH di did have foie but followed by a very bland cheeseburger with undercooked fries and I had the sliders, which were not their usual wonderful bite. DH’s margarita was $17 and his wine $20. My wine was only $10. The burger dinner cost us $157 with the tip. We wont be going back. I do realize they are known for the wine, but the food was just nothing special - in fact, it was not good. Too bad, I used to like going there.

Ugh, that sucks!! The last time we went was in August for our anniversary. We just bought a house so we’ve been eating out less and hitting up less pricey places when we do eat out while our bank account recovers from the hit! Lol. Before I read your reply I was actually thinking that I may not go for RW because I remembered how rushed we were last time. Hope they are reading here.

Yes. I get it. I lost my job several months ago and recently started working part time. We have not been there in quite a while for that reason. And you’re right- we were in and out in about 45 minutes…

The burger dinner cost us $157 with the tip.

!!! :fearful::astonished::angry:

Pure and unadulterated thievery. And RUSHED on top of it?

Hah. Thanks for the heads up.

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There is a sign on the Major Deagan/Thruway that says welcome to the Hudson Valley. I believe there is also one on the Hutch. I guess they agree with us!

I am so relieved to hear that :).

Meanwhile, I just got the HVRW menu from Valley in Garrison. We didn’t get there last HVRW but are definitely going this year. If you like duck breast, theirs is amazing! They only serve dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

First Course

Local Baby Green Salad
Local Apples, Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Ricotta Salata

Celery Root Soup
Crispy Pancetta, Chives, Sea Salt

House Made Gnocchi
Butternut, Sage, Cashews

Grilled Flat Bread
Sweet Maine Crabmeat, Scallion, Soy

Main Course

Braised Short Rib of Beef
Potato Confit, Parsnip, Truffled Jus

Striped Bass
Fingerling Potatoes, Lemon, Local Winter Greens

Vegetable & Lentil Stew
Smoked Shitake Mushrooms, Root Vegetables, Poached Farm Egg

Long Island Duck Breast
Wild Hive Polenta, Baby Vegetables, Duck Jus


Local Artisanal Cheese Plate
Fig & Balsamic Ice Cream, Grilled Baguette, Grapes & Nuts

Chocolate Pot de Crème Tart
Chestnut Cream, Orange

Valley Cheesecake
Pumpkin Ganache, Pear Sorbet, Walnut Crunch

House Made Ice Cream & Sorbets
Daily Selection

$29.95 Per Person/ 3-Course Meal w House Made Breads & Vermont Butter

HA - me too. Thanks for reminding me, Chowdom!

We ate at Valley years ago and loved it. We really do need to try it again. I’m trying to remember - do they close for the winter?

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They used but they’re open all year now since they don’t operate Tavern anymore.

Thanks. Need to go back!