Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - November 1-13, 2016

Kitchen Sink Food & Drink (I love the name!) in Beacon now has their menu posted. It looks interesting, the dishes are from their normal menu. Sadly, other than the chicken entree I wouldn’t say it is tremendous value for HVRW (the brisket grilled cheese may be good, but it’s only $16). I think we’re going to try them the first Sunday. They won Best New Restaurant this year in Hudson Valley Magazine (which seemed to be based on votes so I wonder if they deserved it or just got the most people to vote – probably some of each).

So it turns out that the menu I found on the Kittle House’s Opentable page was the March menu. They have the fall menu up on their website and FB page. Bad news, no duck entree. Good news, the pumpkin gnocchi they now have as an appetizer look fine.

BTW the last time we ate there for HVRW (a year ago) we actually had a very nice experience, one of the managers came over a few times and we weren’t even drinking wine so it’s not like we were big spenders.

I find it depends who’s working as to whether a manager will come over. Most times lately, nope.

Well, we’re going back tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how it was. We haven’t been there in a year, so maybe things have changed. I’ve never been impressed with their service, anyway.

Here’s an amusing CH story. Someone finally started a HVRW thread over there and I responded saying that I had created one here since that’s where most people are. They deleted my post :(. In the past, I haven’t seen references to this site deleted.

BTW here is my list of places we’re going to

Kittle House
Clock Tower Grill (Brewster)
Restaurant X
Kitchen SInk (Beacon)
Cafe of Love
Roundhouse (Beacon)

I’m interested in seeing how Clock Tower is. We ate there once on a discount coupon and I wasn’t that thrilled,but it got a Very Good in the NY Times last year (when they were still reviewing local restaurants) and they have lots of selections on their menu.

As for Roundhouse, I’m going to be monitoring the reviews on Opentable and may cancel to something else. We’re going on a Sunday and I’m not happy that we’ll have to sit in the lounge rather than the much nicer dining room. Also, their posted menu claims they’re only doing HVRW thru the 12th, although they told me they were offering it on Sunday in the lounge.

I always wondered about the Clock Tower, but Westchester magazine loves it so that means they are paying someone there. And the NYT wasn’t doing a great job lately either. They gave La Camelia in Mt. Kisco a don’t miss. Place was awful last time we went. Can’t wait to read your reviews!!!

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Well, the Opentable reviews for Clock Tower are very good (4.5 or so), so hopefully it means that they are good. I’m planning to order the duck, and the NYT did like that (for whatever that’s worth). However, it is served without the skin, which reminds me of a terrible meal I had at Thyme in Yorktown, where they served it the same way.

No skin? Yuck! Yes, Thyme was pretty bad. They also serve the duck skinless at Jardin du Roi - not good at all. Let us know!

Well, the duck is described on the menu as “long island duck –warwick brandy cured -apple wood smoked–grits –wild lingonberry demi”, and there seem to be some reviews saying it was good. With Thyme, it was listed as duck breast so I was really shocked when it came out on the bone and fully cooked. And it was pretty bland.

Valley’s duck breast is amazing.

At Jardin it was also just listed as duck breast with whatever the sauce was. It has the weirdest texture. The duck you describe in Clock Tower sounds good. But IMHO the skin is the best part. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more with you regarding La Cameila, what a disappointment.
We went with friends, I was so embarrassing because I suggested we go there.

Was the duck at Le Jardin bone-in or out? At Thyme it was bone-in. I should have known something was up when I asked for it medium-rare and was told they didn’t think they could do it that way. I ended up sending it back and getting a second appetizer (which, to their credit, they comped) instead.

Now you have me confused. Maybe I should just go to Valley a second time :).

They have my vote for worst restaurant in Westchester

We had a decent HVRW meal there last year. Of course, I had a gift certificate (won during a previous RW) that covered the meal. And the dishes on the HVRW menu were not on their usual menu.

It was bone out. It had an almost gelatinous texture, having been somehow cooked without the skin. It was almost inedible, IMO. We never went back there as the fear of fat in that place seems to take precedence over good food! Valley sounds great. We really need to go.

Just visited and responded to smilingal that if she wants a good HVRW discussion HO is the place. We’ll see if mine stays.

Yes, I have responded there as well. The following is a repost of a review I put in the other thread.

So, we ate at Kittle House last night. I was shocked when we got there at 6:30 and the place was mostly empty. I know it was a weeknight but in past years, they were packed for RW. Maybe people are finally tired of HVRW, or else they are confused that it’s earlier this year than in the past.

I had the pumpkin gnocchi, black bass and apple tart. It was OK. I am not a gnocchi expert, these seemed a little undercooked and light on the brown butter sauce (as in it was pretty much a pile of gnocchi stuck to each other). I’m not sure if it was intentional, but the bread was crusty where it should have been soft. Perhaps it was toasted or they were trying to warm up stale bread (although the inside seemed soft). The bass came with a pepper sauce that seemed more bitter than spicy. The bass itself was nicely cooked but I was so full after the gnocchi that I didn’t eat much of it (I expect I will enjoy it more today when I have the leftovers for lunch). I probably shouldn’t have eaten all of the gnocchi and taken some as leftovers.

The apple tart was a small square that was OK but nothing thrilling. The ice cream that came with it was the best part. My wife and daughter had the chicken entree and it was very good. My wife had the lobster bisque to start and she said it was good but seemed to have less lobster pieces than in the past.

So after my Kittle House meal, and with the discussion here, I’m thinking that I should cancel my Clock Tower Grill reservation and just go to Valley a second time (we already have reservations for next Thursday). I love their duck breast and why take a chance on something that might be good but is unlikely to be as good as what I an get at Valley for the same price.

I also tried to get a reservation for Sunday brunch at The Cookery this Sunday, since their brunch menu is different (specifically, they have fried chicken, which is not on their dinner menu). Sadly, they have a private party and are closed for brunch this Sunday. And since we’re eating there for dinner next Saturday, going again for brunch the next day seems like a bad idea.

[quote=“MisterBill, post:37, topic:6729”]
I’m thinking that I should cancel my Clock Tower Grill reservation

I think that sounds like a good move!

Done :smile:.

If anyone’s looking for kangaroo, check out Brasserie 292 in Poughkeepsie.

They also have foie gras as an appetizer. Truffles available on one of the appetizers for a $20 surcharge.