How to tell if Manuka honey is genuine?

Dear all:

Manuka honey is now sold in almost every store, including big box stores. Yet, New Zealand is a tiny country and it’s hard to believe that they can produce so much honey. How can I tell if a Manuka honey product is not adulterated like mainstream honey? Have you purchased 100% genuine MH? If so, where from and what is the product name?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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Most of it is apparently fake. The only way to get the real stuff is to find a producer or importer that you trust.

Check the MGO content.

Every bottle of Manuka honey should have an MGO rating or number. Some should also have a “UMF” number, which is simply a trademark designation of origin by New Zealand, sort of like Champagne (sort of) for French bubbly.

The higher the better, obviously.

For any product that is often faked, there’s not much that can replace finding a trustworthy supplier. The numbers and designations do help, but only if you know what you’re looking for. Fake-artists will create their own serious-looking (but meaningless) designations and numbers.

With manuka honey, there’s also the issue of trusting that even if you are getting the real thing, does the real thing live up to the hype.