How to make good coffee in an Italian moka pot

Useful tips here for people who own a Moka-type coffee maker

I own two sizes . The 2 cup and the six cup . I have used these for years and love them .

Been using one of these every morning for maybe 10yrs or so now. I go against recommendations and use a fine ground coffee which i find is more flavorful than a coarser grind (although with a powdery turkish grind there is sediment in the bottom of your cup-just don’t drink that last sip;)

I have the Illy which I used on occasion . I find that the fine grind is way to knarly . For the six cup which gives you a coffee cup size I have used it ; way to much . I like strong coffee but Holy cow. I use café Graffeo coffee out of S.F. I use a burr grinder to what I would say is a small fine grind . Fill the coffee vessel to the top with a little dome and apply the top . Comes out great .