How to get Costco Business Center delivery to non-business customers?

I see that abalone is on sale at Costco Business Center and is out of stock at However, Costco Business Center’s website states that it only delivers to commercial addresses. The minimum purchase is $250.

So, is there any way to get around this? Has anybody succeeded in getting it delivered to a residential address? If I approach a Mailboxes Etc type stores, do you think they will accept delivery for me at a reasonable charge?

Thank you in advance.

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I placed an order but Costco cancelled it. So, the answer to my question is No.

Given that many people are operating businesses out of their homes, how doex Costco determine what is a commercial address?

My Costco Card has “Business Member.” Printed on the card.

I suspect if you are not a Business Member, you cannot buy from the Business Site.

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City zoning classification maybe?

OP clearly needs a friend with a business address :slight_smile:

I guess Costco uses USPS’s classification. I don’t have a business membership either.

Maybe change your membership to “Business”?

You want to order something from Costcos Business Site and do not have a Business Membership, it is not about the address, but being a Business Member.

Please find a local restaurant with a Costco Membership and ask them to help you.

I live in a rural area, I see Sysco more frequently than Costco. Until COVID shut down a local place, I used to get 4# of fries a month. They ordered from Sysco, I picked the fries up frozen. If you are friendly and a regular, you would not be surprised at how helpful local places can be.

Please Support Local Restaurants. Even thinking out of the box.

Thank you for the suggestion.