How to do a home version Honey Baked Ham using my brulee torch

New to Hungry Onion after giving up on CH.

This year I want to do a home version of the Honey Baked Ham for our holiday celebration. I read that you can create the crispy crust using a brulee torch. I want to do a trial run some weekend soon using a Costco spiral cut ham. Does anyone have actual experience doing this? Any tips?

some of my questions are should it be baked first, then do the glaze/torch? or other way around?
any glaze recipes?
can it be done in advance?

If you have intel, please let me know. I used to say, “thanks Hounds”, so “thanks Onions”?!?

20+ years ago I did a lot of temp work while caring for my ailing FIL. One brief gig was at Honey Baked Ham to assist with their Easter rush.

Their hams were baked first then hit with the torch. They used a standard plumbers torch which probably has a larger orifice than the ones sold for brulee.

If you torch it first the browned areas may burn when baked.

Someone used the term “sprouts” on another thread. I kinda like it!

Thanks, meatn3. So bake it, then add the glaze & torch it? Can’t wait to try!

I like sprouts too!

I think glazing while baking is fine and adds flavor.