How to: David Chang crispy rice

If you’ve been to any David Chang restaurant and had his crispy rice, do you have any thoughts on the method to achieve it? I had some last night. It was about an inch of rice maybe in a small ovenware (Le Creuset sort) of pot. And then there were various veg toppings, and the waiter poured some “pea dashi” on top and mixed it all up. I’m wondering whether he got the crunchy bottom just by heating up the pot first so hot that a few minutes of just holding cooked rice was enough. Whether it was fired up on stovetop or in oven for awhile. Whether the rice was cooked from raw in that pot, or cooked first, then put in the pot just to achieve the crispy effect. Anyway… ideas and thoughts appreciated so I can try to replicate at home!

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Look up dolsot bibimbap - the (cooked) rice is pressed into a hot clay bowl.

You can crisp it up in a pan, too, though.

Good thought! I’ve enjoyed that before. I’ll google for how hot and how long…

You can also just use a nonstick or cast iron pan… less fuss at home unless you’re going for presentation.

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