How to bookmark posts & some ideas on save references, recipes, threads for later use

On the Hungry Onion site, you can bookmark any post for future references.

The bookmark button is located on the menu bar under each post.

To access your bookmarks, click on your avatar on the top right hand corner of the website and click again your name.

You will arrive on a page with another menu, click Activity, the second button on the menu bar.

On side menu on the left, look for Bookmarks and click

You will see all your bookmark posts here.


Of course, the above just showed how HO bookmark works.

As @Saregama suggests, there are many personal ways you can bookmark posts or recipes for future use.

Personally, I prefer a cross platform method that you can access on phone and computer. Evernote is good, but I only use the free account and ramdomly. I use Paprika to keep recipes or just the default app Reminders or Notes from Apple.

I use Apple notes app in case HO is down for maintenance set to sync so its avail on any mobile device I own.

I use the free version of evernote also, for all kinds of things.

Food-related saved notes for me include:

  • What’s in my fridge and freezer (great for menu planning or grocery shopping)
  • Recipe ideas by ingredient - this is a very simple short list that has a line for each main ingredient (chicken, fish, eggs, lentils, rice, etc) and a list of ideas for each - for when I’m really stumped (Aha! haven’t had Chawanmushi in a while!)
  • Recipe links recommended by people (here, irl, on CH, etc)
  • Recipes that I’ve made and liked enough to repeat (context for this is that I don’t cook by recipe most of the time) - still have to segment this by course/ingredient
  • Baking recipe references, or copied-over recipes for go-tos
  • A list of helpful compilation threads (for eg the recent quick & easy, various by-ingredient threads, etc)

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After being on HO for two years I finally discovered that I can bookmark posts :slight_smile: However I got a little slap happy bookmarking stuff and I have a few posts that I bookmarked and can no longer recall why. So does anyone know how to remove a bookmark?

Hit the bookmark again, which should pop up the window, and hit the delete icon.

You can search bookmarks, btw, which I discovered much later than I started using them. Easier than scrolling through them.

Thanks! I haven’t had to search bookmarks yet because I don’t have very many bookmarks but I have a feeling that may change :slight_smile: