How safe for visitors to venture up to Harlem for food?!

Making plans for a food-crawl in the Big Apple.
Thinking of trying fried chicken either at Sylvia or Charles Pan Fried Chicken.
Question: How safe is it for visitors to venture up north to Harlem after dark for food?! Are the chicken worth the trip? My reference yard stick for fried chicken is ’ surprisingly ’ - PUBLIX in Florida! :grinning:

It’s fine. Use your common sense, as you would anywhere. I have no idea how the chicken is, though.

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Why even ask . Go

I think you’re addressing the wrong person!

just as safe as anywhere in manhattan

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Just in case you haven’t already seen this article, here are some tips for visiting Harlem.


Charles pan Fried is excellent. also Melba’s

Agree with everyone about safety and there’s a lot of history (e.g. Apollo theater). If you don’t want to make the trip, there is a tiny branch of CPFC on upper west side that is good.

This may be a Your Mileage May Vary situation.

There are some parts of Manhattan which feel much less safe to me than others.

I have been harassed by xenophobic or misogynistic people in Manhattan, or subjected to micro-aggressions, hate speech or intolerance, close to a dozen times over the past 30 years. I also have witnessed a tour guide on a Hop On Hop Off bus make Anti-Semitic and Anti-Asian statements to a busload of tourists.

I remember where it happened, and who was making me uncomfortable intentionally each time.

I think some tourists are likely welcomed or hassled more than others, as well, depending on age, sex, race, religion, disability, etc.


Everything you said above applies to Harlem as well.



Most informative article! Many thanks!

Nice to know!! Thanks for the heads up!

Serious that story linked to the travelers website is complete garbage. Reads as though it was written by a bot and not by anyone who has ever visited. Not useful. Just recites a bunch of stats. If you want to avoid a crime ridden place, stay away from Times Square.

@THECHARLES - there is a location of Charles Fried Chicken on the West Side on 72nd street. I am amused by your Publix reference. Was the local grocery chain for me growing up. Ate plenty of their chicken.


Not being familiar with Harlem, other than rolling my eyes at the advice to keep valuables at the hotel and don’t leave the car key in the ignition, I thought the article was on the up and up. Hey, just trying to be helpful.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Everything you described is not exclusive to Manhattan, or New York City.


If you’re here over a weekend, Sylvia’s gospel brunch (assuming it still happens) is an experience.

Charles’ 72 st outpost is takeaway-only, not sure about the original location, while Sylvia’s is a proper sit-down restaurant. Another option is Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too.


Go, and use the same common sense you would use anywhere in NYC. One of my favorite places is Red Rooster Harlem. Combination of soul food and Swedish. Sounds odd but it’s the heritage of the chef, Marcus Samuelsson, born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden. Fell for his food when he helmed Aquavit.


GREEDY POT, a hole-in-the-wall on Adam Clayton (between 117 and 118th), makes great oxtail stew. Get it with a side of collard greens (trust me on this) and their cabbage salad (add a dash of hot sauce).

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Yeah, the car key advice might look silly to many of us, but people probably still leave the keys in the ignition in many parts of the US and the world, not to mention leave the front door of their homes unlocked. Overall I thought the article was pretty good.