How many times during the week are you headed out shopping for groceries ?

Myself being single . It’s 4 days out of the week . Either for lunch items or WFD .
If you lived way out in the country with miles to drive , busy city driving , feeding the family and busy schedules it makes it much tougher. How many times do you make the trip ? Just curious . No bias here .:thinking: I probably shop to much .

Once a week for produce. Once a week for other items like meat.

It’d be much nicer to do it more often, however. Certain things like berries start to disintegrate after one day.

In Asia, its very common for non-working folks to shop every day for what they cook that day, including meat. In Japan, I heard in some towns people shop for freshly milled rice every day.

I would say once a week on the low side and three times a week on a high side. Average probably is close to 1.5 times a week.

Farmers’ market on Saturdays for produce, eggs, and meats; the supermarket 2-3x a week for milk, and things not available at the Farmers’ Market – or for items that ran out prior to the next Farmers’ Market.; once, maybe twice, to the fishmonger; once to the cheesemonger; usually 2x to the baker for fresh baguettes . . .

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Hmm, I’m probably up there with you., I’m always at the grocery store. I’ll usually grab a few things for a few days at a time for myself - I don’t plan meals - but also sometimes stop and get coffee or an ingredient on the way into my work kitchen. Plus trips to the restaurant supply store for bulk ingredients at least a few times a month and Trader Joe’s for certain items like cheap cheese, nuts, and fatty snacks.

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I think another thing to consider is that some people spread out their shopping in multiple days, while some people concentrate on one day. One do not actually shop more than another. More specifically, one person may shop at supermarket in one day, and another day for ethnic grocery store, and then another for cheese and bread, while another person can go to exactly the same stores but dedicate an entire day (>5 hours).

Kind of like doing laundry. I can dedicate an entire day to do all my laundry on Saturday, or I can do the light color clothing on Saturday, dark color clothing on Sunday, and towels on Monday. Yet, I don’t really do more laundry one way vs another.


3 or 4. Different places. I do scan the flyers of three nearby supermarkets and shop the specials, especially on meat, plus the Arabic market for nuts, olives, fruit, etc.

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Never more than once a week, usually two weeks; if it’s a snowy winter, sometimes three or four weeks. I keep a well-stocked pantry and freezer.

2-4 times a week. Usually once for staples and then 2-3 times for fresh produce, meats etc. there are many shopping options around me, so running somewhere to get a few items isn’t a big deal.

Costco every couple of weeks for bulk meat/seafood purchases. We are a low-carb household and eat a lot of meat, and unfortunately the meat at our local markets tends to be overpriced and not of the best quality. So, once the freezer is stocked, I generally shop 2-3 times weekly for produce and other items. Part of this is due to necessity - we have a smaller fridge and my local shopping is done on foot, so I can only buy what I can carry by hand for a couple of blocks and what will fit in a counter-depth fridge.

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It depends. Now that it’s summer, I’ll usually stop at a local farm stand for freshly picked corn, tomatoes, etc once or twice a week. And I hit the Farmers Market every Saturday for produce and fresh goat cheese and some specialty items.

I go to the local butcher once a week and Whole Foods maybe every other week. Regular supermarket shopping every two weeks, but then I intersperse other markets depending on their specials and/or my need to restock fruits and veggies.

During the winter/early spring there are no farm stands or farmers markets and there’s always the threat of snow so I try to keep my pantry and freezer full and try to shop every week.

Almost every day - at least five days a week, after work generally. But I don’t buy much at a time and almost always at least a couple of things are things I’m going to cook that evening.

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Costco about once a month. The local grocery store about once a week. specialty stores about every other week. We have a local store that carries asian as well as middle eastern products. Excellent combo for me

I go to specialty stores or unique further away stores once on the weekend as well as restocking any of my “basics”- however, i live in nyc and take the subway or bike so it’s what i can carry. During the week i stop off 2-3xs for random items (tonight it was blueberries, kale, hard cider, and cilantro) and produce at one of the stores on my way home, even though i live alone i make juices daily that use a bunch of greens and such.

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I do a Costco run at least once a week…

Sprouts , Traders and .99 cent store, which, BTW, kicks serious butt on produce from Maui and other brand name goods…Hefty zip lock bags, Jif PB, and other stellar deals!

I’m almost never ever in a ‘grocery store’ anymore…

We have fantastic farms in So. Cal and there are a myriad of produce stands along the roads…sublime avocados, tomt’s, and fruit…
Cheap and fantastic…

Working gal here so it limits my time.

Usually it’s Friday night to Trader Joe’s, Saturday Market Basket for groceries and staples. Farmstand on Sunday from June until the end of October for produce …

Once a week with a list and coupons in hand.

Yes, this is me as well. If I get one giant thing (i.e. my nemesis CAT LITTER) I won’t get much of anything else.

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Watermelon season kills me…! I love it so much but have to buy them at the market further away, (the already cut ones are so much more and look like crap), so I really can’t get much else on the same trip.
On the other hand my arms are quite strong now :wink:

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What a champ . Groceries on the subway .:muscle: Do you get a seat often ?