How Many Small Electrics?

I’ve been congratulating myself for about a year now for giving up the motorized coffee grinder for a manual (it actually does a better job). And I’d like to give up more. Yet one of my large cabinets mocks me as a hypocrite. In my city house kitchen, I have:

Espresso machine
Boil kettle
Bar blender
Hand mixer

It’s been a long time since I used the espresso machine (Happy polyamory with my Aeropress and French Press), Bar blender, Bamix, FP and Kitchenaid. If they disappeared, I’d shrug. I feel no need for a drip coffeemaker, and I suppose I could do without the boil kettle and the hand mixer (a good manual will do). But I think I’d cross a line to give up the Vitamix and the toaster–I really don’t see viable manual versions of those.

I’m curious about other Onions’ cabinet confessions with electrics. What do you have and does anyone else feel the lure to ditch some/all of them? If you could keep only 3 which would you hold onto?


My weakness is definitely kitchen gadgets or small appliances. It’s turned my (somewhat) newly renovated kitchen with plenty of counter space and storage into almost a mess.

I have:
Cuisinart food processor
Kitchenaid mixer
Kitchenaid handheld blender
Mr Coffee Burr Grinder
Delonghi fryer
Pressure cooker
Foodsaver vacuum sealer
Bubble waffle maker
Zojirushi Breadmaker
Slow cooker

If I had to sacrifice them all, I’d keep the burr grinder, the food processor and probably the vacuum sealer. I haven’t used my pressure cooker much yet, but that might start to creep on to the list as I get more used to it.

This is only the stuff I don’t leave out and use regularly! And I caught myself eyeing one of those counter top oiless “fryers” the other day, and thankfully reminded myself I absolutely do not need another small appliance in my kitchen (I have no more room anyway).

In Hong Kong, I recently was fascinated by these blenders they sell that can not only prepare cold drinks and smoothies, but some that are pre-programmed to make hot soy milk, soups, and other desserts. If it weren’t for the difference in voltage/plug, I probably would have brought one of them home.

I don’t have as many mixer and blender as you, but I am not giving up my Bamix. It’s like clothes washer. Sure you wash clothes by hand, but it’s just so much faster with the aid of the machine.

What is a boil kettle? I guess FP is a food processor?


I’ve given up on a separate toaster, seldom use my ricemaker, but I’ve recently added (replaced) an electric can opener, and a Technivorm one cup coffeemaker. I enjoy my infrared gun and my portable hand held mixer/blender. I’ve gone out, found, and regularly use an old style mechanical timer, despite several available digital alternatives.

I depend on two small ovens–my "toaster"and “roaster”-- as well as two induction hobs, and two electric burners in preference to one stove/oven. Though it initially required considerable wiring/rewiring, and the installation of an overhead microwave/fan, it is now at the heart of all my cooking adventures.


I’ve lived aboard my boat for quite some time. Electricity can be an issue when we are off the dock. My small inverter provides some support but I’ve gone back to my forebears for many things.

I’m not suggesting you follow my lead, merely sharing my experience.

My small electric appliances are limited. I have a Kitchenaid immersion (stick) blender with chopper and food processing attachments and a Foodsaver vacuum sealer.

I do have an original Crock Pot slow cooker that only gets used when plugged into the dock.

I have two pressure cookers, not electric, that work brilliantly.

I have a tea kettle for boiling water on the stove, make toast in a dry skillet on the stove.

Coffee comes from a percolator. I buy my coffee ground and can’t tell the difference.

I make rice in a pot.

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I have:

Technivorm Moccamaster
Kitchenaid stand mixer
Cuisinart food processor
Sous vide Sansaire
Toaster oven
Coffee grinder
Spice grinder
Slow cooker
Fondue pot
Ice cream maker
Immersion blender
Hand mixer

I rarely use some of these, but that’s only natural with things like fondue pot. I could definitely live without the immersion blender, although I might use it more if I had a better model. The one I have is crap so I usually just dump everything into the Vitamix. I have a bar blender but I’m planning to sell it now that I have the Vitamix.

I could also easily give up the toaster oven and Soda stream. The slow cooker I am considering trading in for an InstantPot, simply because that can function as a pressure cooker as well. Luckily I have plenty of storage space for these items!

Another thing I am considering is an induction burner. My stove is kind of weak and it would be great to have induction for quick boiling water and deep frying.

Electric kettle
Rice cooker
Toaster oven

All fulfill a specific purpose so wouldn’t really give any up.

Is it because you want to get back to being more simplistic? I had thought about getting a simple analog kitchen scale because I won’t have to worry about batteries. However, analog scales are much larger which makes them more difficult to store.

As for my electric small appliance, I have toaster oven, microwave oven, a hand held mixer,
coffee grinder (really for spices), a tiny food processor (really only for nuts). I think I need all of them. The only one I don’t need was a fruit juicer which was given to me. I didn’t move it with me in my latest move.


I dunno, I just have come to dislike the cords, noises, clutter and falderal that go with small electrics. Especially unitaskers for which there are manual replacements.

I also am motivated by the idea of being more personally involved and in touch with my food. Using a knife or mandoline instead of a FP is more rewarding to me.

Next, I’m intrigued how chefs of yore managed without all these appliances. As with hand-washing cookware, I don’t find that most small electric kitchen appliances really save me much time.

Finally, I think many small unitasker appliances are just absurd appeals to technophillia or–in a weird way–status.


Yes, a kettle for boiling water and a food processor.

Toaster oven
Stand mixer with attachments: meat grinder, ice cream maker
Immersion blender
Crock pots (old), 2
Electric pressure smoker
Small deep fryer
Breville juice extractor
Citrus juicer
Coffee pot (plus small one for travel)
Coffee grinder with extra pieces for spice grinding (plus extra grinder for travel)
FP with a mini attachment
Blender (had gotten rid of one 10 years ago and recently replaced it)
Food Saver
There may be a vintage electric skillet hiding somewhere

Recently donated an espresso maker and air popper (pop corn) to the thrift store. Probably will donate the citrus juicer. Been trying to decide whether to sell the juice extractor. I haven’t used it for several years but it would be expensive to replace if I changed my mind.

My hand problems get a little worse each year. Most of my solo cooking I can handle the knife work/whipping/stirring. But if I’m making large quantities or certain baked good then I really need the mixer, FP and blender.

Coffee pot and grinder are used daily. If I had to choose I’d keep the toaster oven over the microwave although the microwave gets more use. The immersion blender and Food Saver are two items that have had a big impact in my kitchen. The crock pots are used frequently for stock and for keeping food warm at potlucks or holidays (the tip I learned about using the CP in order to keep mashed potatoes at the ready has made Thanksgiving much less hectic).

Jury is still out on the pressure smoker. I want to try a few other things with it before I make a decision about keeping it.

Never felt the need for an electric can opener but one may be in my future due to the hand issues.

Some of the unitaskers are indeed a little absurd.

I guess we (most places in the US) simply has more kitchen space than many other parts of the world. So we can afford many more electric appliances. If a person rent an apartment in NYC or SF, he/she probably won’t have many.

LOL, I totally forgot about the microwave! I don’t even think of it as a small electric anymore, just a standard kitchen appliance.

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Yes, me too. The MW I don’t consider a small appliance for some reason, but I do the BSOXL. The distinction is pretty nonsensical, I admit…

Krups coffee maker that’s 14 years old and still makes a great cup of coffee
Food Processor
Mini food processor
Slow cooker
Stick blender
Waffle maker
Spiralizer, though not electric
Deli meat slicer
Cuisinart Griddler
Food Saver
Hand mixer
Toaster Oven
Rice Cooker

Would be hard to say which 3 I’d keep. I only use the meat slicer 2 or 3 times a year but when I do, it’s a life saver. Toaster oven and microwave get used almost every day. Food processor gets used a couple of times a week. And if I had to get rid of my rice cooker, I would never make rice again since I cannot make rice on my electric stove without burning it. And I’m not really sure how I would make waffles without a waffle maker (I don’t eat the waffles but my kids love my waffles).

The one I could definitely do without…the slow cooker. I’ve only made 1 successful dish in it. The rest have been terrible.

I have:
rice cooker
toaster oven
Kitchenaid mixer
Air Fryer
ice cream maker (technically my daughter’s)
waffle maker
bread maker
stuffed sandwich press/maker

Out of these, I’d keep:
Rice cooker (We’re Indian, we eat a lot of rice)
toaster oven
Kitchenaid mixer
Air Fryer

Everything else I could live without, but these are the items I use multiple times a week.

Zojirushi Rice maker
2 older K5a mixers
toaster oven
magimix food processor
coffee grinder
electric kettle
electric motor for pasta machine
waffle iron
extractor juicer
infrared gun
excalibur dehydrator
slow cooker
and then there’s the basement with 2 or 3 merged, deceased or 2nd home kitchen appliances, many are prob retro by now:)
I use most of them regularly, if I HAD to get rid of 3 it would be the juicier, waffle iron and reamer.

Toaster oven
Immersion stick blender
Slow cooker
Food processor
Mini cuisinart
Waffle maker
Coffee grinder for coffee
Coffee grinder for spices
Mini drip coffee maker
Hot water kettle

If I can only keep three, it would have to be the coffee grinder and drip coffee maker because those are the only ones used on an every day basis. Alternatives to them would not be convenient for my daily routine. Number three would have to be the microwave because it just does some things really well. Leftovers would be inconvenient if it weren’t for the microwave.

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Oops! Forgot the food dehydrator since it is packed away for my anticipated move.
I don’t use it often but when I do it is very useful. For example I saw chanterlles (spell check suggested enchantress or characterless !) at Costco today . If I had my dehydrator at home I would have bought them in a heart beat.

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