How Many Emigres From CH Now?

You beat RJ to it.


But mine is not very controversial. It is self contained within the person (do you pay at a higher % when eating alone).

We need something more like:

“How can you sleep at night by only tipping 18%? You are stealing. Period. Super Period.”
“Should we tip a waiter if he forgot my name?”
“You should never tip based on the sale tax. Because each state has different sale tax rate, and this is unconstitutional!”


Or my personal favorite: do I tip a lower % at an expensive restaurant?


I remember one about: “What to tip at authentic Chinese/dim sum?”

Something about the wait staffs have broken English and they do not do custom orders and also the walking distance is short.

…In general the staff at authentic Chinese places are hardly waiters. Rarely do they speak English well, they never customize orders, and frankly a lot of times they can be rude (the staring thing, esp., like they want you to leave - even when you’re in a group!). Also the places are small, so there’s an extremely short walk from the kitchen to the table…Is 10% a good compromise?


Missed that one. Wow, waiters at authentic Chinese places rarely speak English well? Next time I’m going to O’Malleys Dim Sum :stuck_out_tongue:

And groups who eat lots of dim sum, and so take the table for a long time, don’t need to tip well because of the short walk from the kitchen? OK.


I left Chowhound after my Triangle NC group discussed it offlist. I really can’t stand the place, the makeover is ghastly and frankly I hate the obssesive over- moderation, we’d get meat eaters at the Vegetarian forum trying to incite us with their posts and when I replied, i’m the one who got moderated. We’re not treated with any respect and I don’t need them one bit.

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I’m from CH and giving it a try here. Since I mostly post (a LOT) on the Northern New England board, I am -very- dismayed that all of New England is lumped with Boston and I hope there are plans to expand the regional boards once more. I’ll start a thread about that specific issue.

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I think they are playing it by ear regarding regional boards. Nothing worse than a board with no activity…As participation grows I suspect we will see more tightly defined regional boards develop. So be the first voice!


Ayup, I figured playing it by ear, but having Boston mixed in is really awkward. The folks who post on the Boston board seem to have a hard time getting that not everyone is from Boston, and they tend not to adequately specify the locale for something they’re posting about.

Just came in from CH. Used to frequent Quebec, Spirit and sometimes the recipe board.

I’ll start by answering threads and cloning subjects here and there and I’ll see what comes next. The switch might go faster if moderation decide to erase the thread were are discussing in now…

I left CH for about a year or so when they split Florida into 2 groups (Miami to Ft Lauderdale was one and it made no sense because it went all the way to West Palm Beach but that wasn’t in the title). We suddenly lost posters who live 10 miles outside the non existent CH border and all topics dried up. I used to be a regular Florida contributor but the split fractured us very badly. We used to have regular Chowdowns at local restaurants and get to meet regular posters, it was fun and we would try out new restaurants.

I went back to CH about a year ago but when they transitioned to the new version that was it for me. I don’t want complicated, I want to see where there are added posts and also titles of posts that look interesting and that’s it. I never understood why CH made it so hard to contact each other.

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