How Many Emigres From CH Now?

Sort of wondering if anyone is keeping track. How many onion sprouts do we have at present?

There are almost 350 users at this point. I have not seen anyone mention not being an emigre…

Off topic but I like the “sprouts” term. Better than Hunions, less risque than HO’s!


Not to self-promote my own post, but sometime I go I did an unscientific survey, and everyone who answered has some connection to Chowhound:

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Great, thanks. Do you know how many are over at FTC now? I’m trying to gauge how big a membership hole CH made when it shot itself in the foot. TIA.


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If my thread should be combined with yours, Chem, then go for it, Sampson.

Nah, this thread has a very different focus, and I think it is better as a standalone thread.

By the way, I think the hole created by FoodTalkCentral and HungryOnion may be slightly larger than the membershipl number. The reason is that many people who left Chowhound are highly active members, like mcf (StoneSoup), Sunshine, Caroline1, kattyeyes, and you yourself…etc. These are people who post on average anyway from 3-30 posts a day. This is not the same as losing members who only post once a month.

In all honesty through, the hole wasn’t really created by FoodTalkCentral or HungryOinion. The actual hole was created by Chowhound itself.

By the way, naf is the first person who claimed not to be from Chowhound:


Don’t know, but Robert from FTC stated that FoodTalkCentral and HungryOnion are about the same size:

I rarely go to FoodTalkCentral, but there one thing I wanted to check over there and I saw that.

Anyway, FoodTalkCentral has a very large LA community and is very lively for the LA discussion. I don’t think we have anything quiet as large as their LA discussion. On the other hand, we are much more well-rounded. We have an ok size discussion on Home Cooking, on Cookware…, and our San Francisco discussion is great too.


to see the stats, it’s here:

Same for FTC, url /about

Great. Thanks. This is helpful.

I see 560 users under “all time” drop down today. We’ve been over 500 for days. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Your reply made me take a closer look at how the statistics page works!

I haven’t spent a lot of time at FTC. It seemed that there was some overlap between HO & FTC.

I find it to be highly LA-centric, with not much going on in the rest of the country, or topical.


Seem that way to me too. Also seemed the CH bitching was more anger fueled and long lasting. May be different now though. LA is not an area that I’m interested in so there wasn’t much that drew me.

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Yeah, I joined FTC, so I guess I count in their member numbers. But I have yet to contribute a comment as it is very left-coast centric and, as you note, lacking topical threads. I maybe check in every few days to see if their focus has been expanded, but I’m happy on HO.

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For sure from CH, and I can pinpoint the precise article that had me searching for a site like Hungry Onion… (Rather, it was a link on CH about that article, but how am I going to find that these days?)

Don’t forget – there’s quite a bit of overlap between the two.

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That’s why I’m gravitating away from it. All I see is LA, LA…

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I’ve left chowhound. And it’s been weeks. I DO MISS the rock solid advice I received there in gardening hints, and loved the free-flowing topic threads like tipping, and restaurant server gaffs…

Hopeful that this community will evolve to what all of us are capable to contribute.


Why don’t you start a tipping thread?