How many different types of Pasta do you keep in stock? (Or Noodle, by any other name...) For what dishes?

fresh pasta is an entirely different thing than “dried / boxed” pasta.

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The dried pasta I make are usually Fettuccine and thin spaghetti, the latter being much more challenging. I’ve used these fresh and dried at low temperatures. Aside from the cooking times, the flavor is nearly identical. There’s no comparison with the commercial types. The flavors of semolina are easily lost with hot, dry air, or improper storage.

Maybe so! I get lost in the multiple “threads”.


I always keep spaghetti and rigatoni on hand. They are pretty versatile and I can make one of them work with most pantry pasta sauces. There’s also a half-open box of orzo if I decide I need a quick bowl of soup.
If I need another shape I just buy as I go.


Well, there’s its close cousin, the strategic pandemic pasta reserve - and I’m still eating my way through mine. Ditto the big plastic tub for storage.