How does this Paris restaurant list look?

Very much appreciated suggestions for upcoming Barcelona trip (on different thread). Now another Covid cancels trip is 6 nights in Paris in March. Been many times but this time renting apartment near Hotel de Ville which would not be where I’d normally stay but decided late and place looks great.

I don’t want to do overkill in terms of lunches and dinners BUT, with my adult daughter, this is a food and shopping trip (or looking!). Here’s what I have based on many of the wonderful posts I’ve seen here:

Arrive late afternoon Friday and want something easy nearby, maybe Le Trimilou, Nellu, Parcelles.

Saturday lunch at Les Parisiens, no idea about dinner.

Sunday Richard Lenoir market, walk around Marais, not sure about lunch. Maybe stuff from market Maybe Semilla? Dinner at Frenchie Pigalle.

Monday lunch at Alliance, Maybe Bistrot de Tournelles or L’Oulette for dinner.

Tuesday lunch at kgb (have wanted to go there but not been), no idea for dinner.

Wednesday (last day) lunch at Captaine and dinner at Granite.

Sooooooo any thoughts in filling in the blinks? Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately I left out the word “ list” in my topic and don’t know if I can edit to change! Hopefully kind HOs will understand……

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If you find yourself in the 3rd, you definitely should try a sandwich at Chez Alain Miam Miam.


Thanks—-looks good and will check it out.

No suggestions here…your list seems v. thoughtful. I stay in that area and have been to none of the places on your “first night” list and look forward to hearing about any of them. I am most drawn to Nellu of the three (and a very quick perusal), but would be a bit wary of a long tasting menu my first night.

Please do report back! And thanks in advance.

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Thanks——have done some tweaks and likely overloading! My adult daughter loves small plates and tastes, especially seafood, vegetables and some meats, so am trying to experience a variety of places in different locations. Have honed in on reviews I have read here. So now:

Friday arrival still either Nellu or Le Trimilou for dinner

Saturday is now lunch at Capitaine—-Les Parisiens lunch menu only during week but Capitaine nice Saturday value. Dinner at Pierre Sang Oberkampf.

Sunday will hit Richard Lenoir and bring back something for lunch from there or Marais. Dinner most likely at Semilla. Have gone to Frenchie in London, enjoyed very much but decided wanted something new so canceled that.

Monday now lunch at Alliance and dinner likely at Cafe Varenne or similar (Bistrot des Tournelles perhaps). I have enjoyed the duck confit with salade at Varenne and would like that while in Paris.

Tuesday. Boom boom. Kgb lunch and Jeanne-Aimee dinner followed by

Wednesday final day lunch at Les Parisiens and dinner at Granite.

I don’t plan on having 2 huge daily meals that are 6-7 courses but would like to sample different places. Make sense?

And thanks for the replies! I had used/posted on Chowhound years ago then stumbled onto HO. Glad I found all the wonderful trip reports and discussions.

My sister and I had dinner at Le Trumilou in 2017. My sister chose it because I wanted frisée aux lardons (it was a plat, not an entrée) and it was near Pont Neuf where we were going for our nighttime Seine boat trip. We enjoyed ourselves, food and service was good.

Glad to hear you liked Le Trimilou. I really enjoy that salad too but seems it’s not on their current menu. Given it’s our first night and we don’t arrive until 3, it’s a menu with a broad range of choices and we can see how much we feel like eating. Their duck with prunes is supposed to be good.

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Here is a link to my Paris restaurant report from October '22:

You mentioned Parcelles and Granite. Liked both of these very much. I’d avoid Semilla. We went there some years ago and it was full of loud, obnoxious Americans and Brits. The food was nothing special. Presentation was poor. Service was terrible as well. If you can get a res at Mosuke (difficult) I would put it at the top of the list.

Thanks for your assessment of Semilla and have scratched that off list. No luck with MoSuke so hunting for place for Sunday dinner on Le Fooding! If anyone has any ideas please do chime in!

As I recommended on another thread, you should consider L’Ambassade d’Auvergne. I am reminded of it while flipping through Patricia Well’s Paris Cookbook and finding the recipe for their sublime warm lentil salad.

Thanks for that suggestion. I like the idea of a traditional place unlike other places we are going to as well as in different location. Will see if my daughter, who I am traveling, with, agrees!

Bistro Paul Bert in the 11th has been a reliable “traditional” go to spot for us. We haven’t been to Paris since 2019 and I’m doing a deep dive into new places. We usually stay in upper Marais so do dinners that are walkable. So far, I’ve gotten Tekes, Parcelles, Banoi and Kubri written down. We also really like Le Servan and would definitely go back there if this trip in May happens. Also on our last trip we had a great meal at Les Enfants du Marche in the Marche des Enfants Rouge. Food was a twist on traditional French and very casual-you ate at counter or long tables.

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We usually save Pierre Sang Oberkampf for Sunday night, so you might consider switching that meal to Sunday as you should find more options available on Saturday than on Sunday

AnneGrace—-thanks and will check into those and yes, Andy, good idea and just changed PS to Sunday for more options (and more Paris restaurant obsessing!).

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For your first-night meal, I’d add Oyster Club on rue de Jouy to your short list…. oysters, of course, but also other fish dishes on the short menu… usually a very enjoyable 20- and 30-something vibe, a mostly local clientele, light and airy space, engaging and personable service (at least in French), lighter meals perfect when travel-weary. The only minus (for tourists, not me as a local) is the lack of those bistro clichés and setting that many foreigners find so appealing.

The rue Jouy also has other possibilities: Vingt Arts et Vins, very artsy crowd, live entertainment (poetry readings, live jazz, etc) on some nights, always a gaggle of very clued-in Japanese expats (an indicator of quality) but somehow also very Parisian, comfortable seating, food is above-average wine bar trad-ish but also modern French nosh, I like it as French-speaker but not sure if non-French-speaking tourists would enjoy it as much; and Nico, a small plates/ French tapas restaurant, usually but not always (the luck of the draw) very good bistronomique/ updated trad food, very enjoyable bistro ambiance, and mostly Parisian clientele… it seems your daughter would enjoy the small plates set-up. I should add that many of us locals avoid the 4th because it’s such a touristy area and so many places are aimed at tourists and suburbanites. But south of the rue de Rivoli/ rue St Antoine seems to me to have better restaurants and more Parisians.

I only go in summer so not sure what it’s like in March but the new-ish riverside park on the lower quais of the Rive Droite from the Pont Neuf to l’Arsenal can be very enjoyable… dotted with barge restaurants and bars, grassy areas for picnics, etc. FWIW, my fave resto here (for lunch) is Maison Maison just on the other side of the Pont Neuf… small plates/ French tapas, fabulous Seine-side seating and also a very small indoor space when the weather is bad… access via stairs down from the Quai du Louvre across from the place d‘Ecole.

I haven’t been to Le Trumilou in years so can’t comment on its current quality. I have no experience of Nulli but my brother has good things to say about it and, if it reflects the quality of its older and very expensive sibling on rue Richelieu in the 1st, it will be very good indeed. But my brother offers one small caveat: Nulli is a wine-bar with food and, in somewhat usual wine-bar fashion, half the seating is stools at high-tops… if you can’t get a conventional table and chair, it could be an uncomfortable meal for your first night.

We all have our own tastes and preferences. Usually, I love street markets but am not a big fan of Marché Bastille on boulevard Richard Lenoir on Sunday. For me, it’s just too big, crowded, has lost its neighbourhood flavour, has become a bit of a zoo, a magnet for scammers and pickpockets (finding out exactly where “un pigeon” keeps his/ her wallet is easy in a market setting). On Sunday (as well as Tue to Sat), I much prefer the Aligre quartier (market street, street market and high-quality covered market) in the 12th, a 10- to 15-minute walk from the place Bastille or a short hop on the #86 bus. The area is also an excellent restaurant district and one of the very few quartiers in Paris where I would risk restaurant roulette. There was a recent thread about the Aligre quartier that will you give you more specifics on the area.

Thanks Daniel. Oyster Club sounds great—-I love oysters and my daughter and I both love seafood. Also, rue Jouy sounds really interesting. Will look into all the places you mentioned. Hope to get to Nellu at some point, either on stools or one of the small tables.

I also really appreciate your perspective on the market at Bastille. I have not been there for years. I liked Aligre a lot and may return to that area or look into smaller markets. So many places to explore, so many restaurants to try, so little time. Can’t wait to return to Paris.

The ancient rue de Jouy (and its slightly younger extension rue Charlemagne) is one those rare, atmospheric streets that, for the most part, seems ignored by tourists, despite its history and very parisian sense and proximity to the Marais tourist epicentre. But a street for “feeling” Paris and not for gawking at things as most tourists do. Full of chattering teenagers from the two lycées here during the late afternoon, at night almost poetic as you listen to your own footsteps echo.

Just an update regarding Nellu. It’s closed until Feb 8 and their original chef is opening another Nellu in Tokyo. Will wait and see new menu and more about the new chef.