Paris restaurant report September/October 2022

Here is my ranking of the restaurants where we ate:

Mo’suke (most original and creative, unusual and interesting flavors, great bang for the buck)

Le Radis Beurre (long-time favorite, great game and organ meats)

La Condesa (interesting flavors with Mexican influences)

Le Sergent Recruteur (Beautiful and interesting dishes)

Chez Michel (delicious game birds)

Chantoiseau (great updated traditional)

Parcelles (updated traditional, great organ meats)

Granite (no choices but very tasty food)


Le Mazenay

Note that with the exception of Bistrotters and Le Mazenay, it was difficult to rank as they were all so good and I would recommend every one. Overall, we found good value and spent less than I had expected.

Complete reports on each, with photos, are on my blog, along with sightseeing, cooking etc.


One of the things I love about Paris is that I can go to 20 places for lunch or dinner, have mostly very good to great meals at very reasonable (or less) cost and then compare lists with other similar travelers (you, Trish, Rebecca W., AndyG., Ninkat) who were there during the same period & found similarly good food, and realize that the overlap was minimal. So many places worth going to. Its a remarkable food city.


Agree with @SteveR. Thanks for this report. I’m always happy to know of other wonderful spots in Paris.