how do you use goat cheese in pasta?

I read in some kind of famous popular authoritative pasta book about throwing goat cheese on top of pasta.

Are you supposed to mix it up so it gets watered down and integrated into the pasta - like alfredo sauce?

Or is it supposed to sit on top as a lump where you get an intense bite?

Or is it supposed to be sprinkled evenly across like parmesan?

And are you supposed to use the intense sour tasing kinda goat cheese?

And is this classic Italian?


I guess it all depends on how YOU prefer your goat cheese added to pasta.

Incidentally, I had this cavatappi dish with a spicy tomato pesto and goat cheese for dinner last night. The chef went with the blob version. We didn’t bother to mix it in.


Is this classic Italian? Yes. I think of it as something produced in the provinces - Trentino, Piedmont, Liguria, etc - so look for dishes from those regions.

Use the intense tasting goat cheese? Absolutely, IMO. I see little point in using the bland goats cheese you so often come across.


I don’t know about what one is supposed to do* but I would put it in as an intense bite. Some goat cheeses act differently than others. Ideally, I’d like some almost melted in, punctuated by some intense bites thrown in at the last minute.

  • I would embrace Italian cooking more if its “authorities” on the subject were less rigid on the rules.

ETA: One of my favorite home cooks was an Italian.

Who says you have to follow them? F the rules & eat what makes you happy :wink: