How do you store your pot and pan lids?

Just moved into a new house and the kitchen is a bit smaller than my old one. I have a basement now for storing big things, like the crockpot and stockpot, so that’s great. But I no longer have the deep drawer cabinets that I used to use for storing lids. Ack! They are so unwieldy and impossible to stack. Does anyone here have a good solution? Thanks in advance, HOs!

I’ve seen in magazines where simple tension rods (as for hanging curtains) are used in cabinets, vertically, in order to create narrow spaces to keep lids or baking sheets vertical.

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I use one of these:

I store my pot in my stash box but I don’t see how that relates to cooking. The pan lids hang on hooks on a rack in the kitchen.


Wait - I think I misunderstood the question.

I store the lids on top of the pots, which probably means that I don’t have as many pots as other people.



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Something like this…


Nope!! Mine are all hodge-podge in cabinets, no organization at all, 60% chance of one flying out every time you open the cabinet to get something! (easy way to tell when the kids are “trying” to cook something)


LOL, this is how mine used to be until I got deep drawers in the kitchen. I can’t go back! Some of these racks look great, though - I’ll do some investigating! Thanks HOs!

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Hi, biondanonima:

I store almost all of my covers on the pans. My saucepans are stacked vertically on an etagere, and the rondeaux and cocottes on shelves.

I have two covers which fit my most-used sautes, frypans and cocottes. These I prop up against my counter backsplash for easy access.


inverted, with the matching pot, so they can stack if necessary.

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This. Pot lid upside down on the pot, then one pot stacked on top of the other.

This never worked for me in my old kitchen, but lo and behold, I tried it in my new space and I think everything has a nice place to live! The two largest ones are up in my vertical racks with my sheet pans, but the rest were able to nestle into their pots and be stacked neatly.


I’m pretty sure I picked up this rack from a thrift store, but my kitchen has felt much more comfortable since I installed it right next to the stove.

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This morning when I read the post title in the chain I read

“How do you store your pot” … thought well this is food adjacent and could be interesting. Lol.

Haphazardly, for the most part! My cookpots are almost all in the sliding-drawer cabinets we’re currently stuck with, so they tend to be grouped according to both material and size, and the lids either on them or gathered nearby. Lots of Magnalite under the cooktop plus the most-used iron skillets; taller pots nested in the door cabinets to the right of there, lids stacked or in place depending on what works; big and small copper saucepan on hooks at the end of the overhead cabinet, each with its lid slung on the pot’s handle. There’s a hardware-store drawer cabinet in the laundry room with the big, serious cast iron stuff – chicken fryer and Dutch ovens for the most part – occupy the bottom drawer, bakeware above. We won’t bother with the garage just now …

They are very carefully balanced so as to fall on my feet. Don’t cook barefoot in my kitchen!!


With the pot. I’d probably never find it otherwise, when I needed it. My kitchen is definitely not space efficient for my pots and pans.