How do you store an opened tahini?


Do you store the opened jar in the fridge? How long can you keep it if storing outside the fridge? Thx.


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And let me add a question of my own - how the heck do you mix it without getting that oil all over?



I store it in the fridge. I buy it in a specialty shop. Last time I asked the owner how to store it. He said it’s not absolutely necessary to refrigerate it, but said one should never put a wet spoon into the container.



When I take it out of the fridge, I stand the container on its head for a while, then mix it carefully with a fork.

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I warm the closed jar in hot tap water a few mins. I always keep it in the pantry.

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I always store mine in the fridge, since it can and will oxidize faster at room temperature, but I would think no problem if you plan to use it again within a month or less.

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I keep my jar upside down like i do with natural peanut butter- it actually really helps to mix it all together! When you open it then there’s some stuck to the inside lid but only needs a little stirring vs trying to mix oil layer to more solid layer. Using a chopstick is a “trick” i picked up somewhere for mixing together nut butters without making a big mess



I always keep mine in the cupboard, then again i use a jar every month or two so it doesn’t have much of a chance to go off.
I think keep in thr cupboard and in a month if you’re not using it much move to fridge
I use it most for tahini miso dressing, but this tahini roasted broccoli prep is crazy amazing (I’m sure equally good with other veg instead too)

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We don’t keep ours upside down usually but we do treat it like peanut and other nut butters - we don’t refrigerate it and just stir it up when it’s time to use it.

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I also store in the pantry. My arm gets too tired from trying to mix it, if I stick it in the fridge.



Late to the game, I’ll just mention that I store mine the fridge, partly to extend its non-rancid life, but mostly because I find that like nut butters, it doesn’t really re-separate much at fridge temps after it’s been thoroughly mixed when opened. Or at least it takes long enough to re-separate that I’ve never had that problem… I don’t use it more than a few times a month, but I tend to use a fair amount when I do use it, so reasonable-size jars don’t last all that long.

You do have to use a spoon (which has to be washed) to get it out of the jar, but then, you have to wash whatever you stir it up with if it’s kept at room temperature, and spooning-out involves less effort than stirring-up…:wink:


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No. It lives quite happily in the cupboard. I’ve no idea what it’s life would be but I probably only use one jar a year and have never had any issues.

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Good to know.



I assume you mean after licking it clean :joy:

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But still washed (and dried!) before it goes back into the container!

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Suggest drizzling on a little date syrup (or, even, pomegranate molasses) before licking commences.

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