How do you PANCAKE?

Swedish pancakes with lingonberry jam
Dutch Babies with lemon curd, butter and powdered sugar
Buttermilk cakes with bananas, roasted coconut and date syrup
Gingerbread pancakes

I seldom make pancakes any longer because pancake breakfasts don’t stick with me very long–if I have them at, say 7am, I find that I need an early lunch or very early dinner. Also, Wahine claims to be gluten intolerant, so cooking them just for myself is less fun.

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Perhaps consider almond flour?

I use it for my pancakes and they actually work out better than “regular” flour.

Just something to consider.

This is a good suggestion, thanks.

It would be especially good if the claim was totally rational, but alas, even things like Paleo Cakes and gluten-free pasta are frowned-upon options.

I do occasionally make them for myself, and more often order them in diners.

I’m a savory breakfast person (dim sum is my favorite), but my husband likes sweet breakfasts so I make them.

I really like the oatmeal pancakes on Smitten Kitchen. They taste great plus, as they include whole grains, I stay full until the next mealtime. When I eat regular buttermilk pancakes, I feel hungry again almost immediately.

I think the blueberry/buckwheat/brown butter skillet pancake from Dessert Person is delicious.

Unlike most people I know, I dislike thick pancakes. To me, they always taste raw in the center. I like the blueberry/buttermilk pancakes from Smitten Kitchen with the original amount of three cups buttermilk. They come out thin and crepe like which is my preference.

For regular buttermilk pancakes, Alison Roman’s recipe is the best one I’ve tried.

Most important of all, use real maple syrup, preferably dark amber. Don’t sully your homemade pancakes with imitation maple syrup.

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I do blueberry, strawberry, banana, pecan . . . pancakes.
growing up, my grandmother did buckwheat pancakes - which I do love to do, especially when cousins come to visit.
normal pancakes are baking powder raised; but the buckwheat I do yeasted.

I also do crepes. now, in my world a crepe and a pancake are different things…
crepes get rolled up - the “stuffings” being strawberry/raspberry/cherry/Nutella/ etc.
squirt of whip creme, mint sprig garnish. not like a pancake…

same with Dutch Babies - similar idea, just not a pancake.

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Not the most picturesque picture, but lunch today.

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I used to love buttermilk pancakes, but now prefer buttermilk-oatmeal ones. Less stodgy and more sustaining. Served with butter and dark maple syrup, always.
I also love crepes, mostly with fresh lemon squeezed over and granulated sugar, then rolled. Or savoury, filled with ricotta and spinach and baked in tomato sauce.
Can’t forget buckwheat crepes, topped with eggs poached in maple syrup and a side of crisp bacon.

Something about runny egg yolks on pancakes feels like nature’s way of showing us culinary perfection.

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