How do you Organize your Bottom Freezer Freezer?

I love my fridge - it is French door, bottom freezer. My previous dud of one had one thing I liked - the bottom freezer had 3 drawers so it was easy to store things according to their size. My LG has 2 - one about 8 inches deep with a big ice bucket in it and then the big bottom two sided deep drawer. Can anyone recommend some good bins or other ideas to keep food from just being a jumbled mess in there?


I created dividers in mine using these Interdesign Binz. It isn’t perfect by any means, but it at least gives me places to put bags of homemade pesto, pasta bits for soup, etc.

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Mine’s an LG, too. I keep fruits and veggies on the right side, meats, fish and the like on the left, and breads and breakfast items in the top bin. I store small items like diced jalapeños, that leftover chicken cooked chicken breast, and half-used bags of frozen veggies in the door bin.

Not really what I’d call well-organized, but the shape of the bottom bins makes using rigid containers a bit of a space-waste, at least for me. At least i know where to find things, even if I do have to hunt for them occasionally. About 3 times a year we pull everything out and add nearly-dead items to our meal plan so we don’t have a lot of freezer waste. Like I said, not the most organized, but it’s worked for 13 years.

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My bottom freezer is designed in a similar manner. I divide it into zones: Prepared items (leftovers usually packed in round plastic soup containers) and Ingredients. Ingredients are divided by meats, cheese, vegetable, and “pantry”. Pantry items are butter, pesto, mole sauce, pastry dough, etc.

I use flexible perforated style plastic bins to keep like with like. Harder plastics seem like they eventually become brittle and break after extended time in the freezer. I think I purchased them at the Container Store but don’t see them on the website. I have used card board shoe boxes as a temporary fix.

I keep an inventory clipped to the side of the fridge. Cross items off as used, jot them down when replaced. Once it gets hard to read or the contents become unruly I pull everything out and start over. Bringing the laptop into the kitchen and typing the inventory as I reorganize works well for me.

I don’t use a lot of ice so usually the bin is removed and a single ice tray takes care of it plus uses less room.

It’s an ongoing process…


We have a top freezer. The only shelf was removed. The only organization I did was a Priority Mail cardboard box. Cooked stuff and stuff to be kept clean go in there. The rest are raw meat and seafood that are stacked on top of each other. Its a bit of a mess. But, we are able to maximize storage space this way.

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Randomly. We have a side by side and an upright freezer. It’s chaos in there. Every couple months I go through them looking for something. I call that a 'Voyage Of Discovery". I always find stuff that’s been forgotte I mean who knew we had that much italian sausage in the freezer? I organize it when I put everything back but that never lasts.

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And I guess you keep buying it too!!

That sounds like my parents’ freezer which i ended up reorganizing and stocking with freezer meals.
I sorted it so the drawer with the ice was all baking/sweets (butter, pie crusts, nuts, cookie dough etc)

Then for the other drawer i used all rectangle or square tupperware for the freezer meals so although it was a game of Tetris the shapes worked easily to stack while using the space most efficiently. Black sharpie on the lid labeling what it is and the date. (It comes off easily with the scrubbing side of the sponge)

Depends what is in your freezer what makes the most sense to organize it, but using all the same size or shape of containers is very helpful.

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My organizing principal is to make sure there is easy access to the vodka and blueberries. Everything else goes wherever it fits.