Counter Depth Refrigerators


Are you saying you have a built in butcher block counter top, and that it’s a bad idea? Not really considering one, but why?

Yes, it’s a built-in butcher block counter top. It was built in when the house was built in the 1960s and by now it looks pretty gross. I would never use it to cut anything on at this point (or for the last several decades), but it’s full of spots and stains I can’t get rid of. I have no desire to redo all my counter tops (though the rest of them [Formica] are also somewhat stained), but having the one done doesn’t seem to make sense if I don’t do the rest.

[I’ve started a new thread on what order one should re-do a kitchen.]

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Have you tried sanding it down?

I did try sanding it, but given I was using just sandpaper and elbow grease, it was not very effective. I suppose I should try an electric sander, right?

I’d use a belt sander. BIG sander. grin

I’m basically really happy with the DCS fridge - I especially like the fact it’s not very deep, therefore nothing gets lost! I’d like the seals to the fridge doors to be a little tighter, but it all works well, so it’s great for us @shrinkrap.

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@Lambchop, thank you. I think I’m going to give it a go, and put the "old " fridge in the garage, at least for a bit.

This would be the contents of my condiment refrigerator.


Oh it all looks so familiar, since I’m a condiment geek too @shrinkrap! Glad you made your decision.

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I stumbled upon this thread that I know I’ll be looking for shortly…


OMG I would almost kill for that kitchen. Even if the fridge is cabinet depth, it looks huge, unless it’s a stealthy wide angle Photoshopped shot. Even so…

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Here is the new fridge.



That’s a beauty. Enjoy it!!

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Beautiful! Mine hasn’t been that empty since the day we got it!


Aaaaaand here we go.

Love the beautiful, sleek lines of this @shrinkrap; how do you like it so far? Your H must be happy, at last!

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I told him I hope he’s going to take all these take out boxes to the refrigerator in the garage, where it fits!


Yes! So great to have an extra fridge in the garage!

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Woohoo, that is a beautiful fridge. Hopefully you are getting used to the difference in size. Worth the wait? :grinning:

Definitely helpful to have the extra fridge. I made a Costco run yesterday, and I can’t imagine were I would put some of this stuff I came home with otherwise.


We’ve had five adults for much of the winter, when we usually have just two, and we were all about to come to fisticuffs.

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I’m reading this thread (really reading) for the first time, and now the only thing I can take away from it is a Pythonesque “Go and freeze your bottoms, you sons of silly persons!” :laughing:

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