How do you drink your water poll?

  • from a glass
  • from a bottle
  • with a straw

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Glass if in the house or restaurant. Bottle if in the car.

Never a straw. Not even when restaurants bring one in the glass. Dunno why they do that - I’m not a child.

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Lately, a crappy free sports bottle that drips. Unless it’s sparkling water, that works better in a glass.

Seattle is banning single-use plastic straws next year. About all I use straws for is boba straws to support stacked cake layers, but I don’t make that many stacked cakes so I may flaunt that rule.

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From a glass at home or restaurant (no straw). From a big styrofoam cup at work (straw). From a bottle when at outdoor venues/events (no straw).

Glass at home, bottle or travel bottle at work.

Reuseable bottle in car, at work and at home (cat will try to drink out of my glass otherwise). From a glass anywhere else. Very seldom from a single use container.

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Mostly with glass, bottle when outdoors, and from time to time, some sparkling mineral water from bottles.

With poor teeth, dentist advice me to drink soft drinks or acid juice with straws.

Real men don’t drink with a straw. The only exception I make is the last precious drops of a skinny margarita at El Tiempo Houston.

That’s why there is always a small glass of ice water available on the patio table :smiling_imp: Damned cats.


Does this look familiar?


I have a double walled stainless tumbler that holds ice crazy well (from Walmart, not the pricey brands).I’ve found that it’s usually easier to use a straw (rigid plastic and reusable) because it a)reduces the possibility of sloshing in the car, and b)allows me to get at the liquid water at the bottom of the cup. The darned thing actually manages to hold a dozen chunk at the top, even in the car in Florida.


All of the above. I drink a lot of water. :slight_smile:

Glass only. If I am served water in a plastic cup, I don’t drink it. I was horrified when Evian and Perrier started using plastic for their water bottles.

Who knew people had so many hang-ups…

I have a large insulated 40oz bottle I take with me to work, running errands, etc. I like really cold water, so this keeps it cold for hours.

At home, I either drink from a glass, no straw, or if my bottle is nearby, I’ll use that.

At work, I drink from my bottle.

At restaurants, iced water from a glass, with a straw.

Frozen, in a glass, with tea.



Well, seeing it’s a food discussion board, they’re not really “hang-ups”, they’re preferences. Why eat or drink something you find disgusting?

P.S. Water stored in plastic bottles to travel thousands of miles on a container ship, or a long-distance eighteen-wheeler, will absolutely taste different than water traveling the same route in a glass bottle.

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My kitty does the same, it’s hilarious

Reusable water bottle - nalgene or Takeya stainless steel or Mason jar. I use a straw at home. I rarely if ever drink out of normal drinking glasses unless at a restaurant.

the one distinct advantage of the double-wall stainless tumblers – the dishwasher is far less full, as everyone prefers their stainless drinking vessels, so everyone washes and reuses their own.