How do you drink your water poll?

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D. None of the above.


From a reusable bottle that i add ice and lemon to.
At home from a glass, with ice
I dislike straws a lot and only use them for something like ice coffee when it’s crazy hot. Otherwise i want my coffee hot

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In an ice cold glass from the freezer filled with cold brew tea. I have very old heavy 1/2 gallon glass pitcher that I fill and toss in 2-3 tea bags (guava green tea is my current favorite) every night. Come lunchtime perfect brewed tea.


I like seltzer, and I prefer it straight from the bottle or can for maximum fizz. When I drink flat water, I like it fridge cold with no ice from a glass, but I will drink it with ice as well. If there’s ice in it (like at a restaurant), I usually use a straw.


Glass cup with a straw stuck in the center of the cover. No chance of the
cat helping himself and minimizes spillage when he knocks it over.

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E. Something Else.



In very small quantities, with bourbon on the rocks.

If I am out of bourbon in a glass with a lot of ice.


At work and on the go and often at home, a Contigo water bottle.

At home and when I want to drink a lot of water I’ll use one of those 30 oz Yeti knockoff tumblers

After one kidney stone episode, I realized how important hydration is.


Especially in our climate!

By the way, I’m now working in the Lealman area of St Pete. May be we could do lunch?


I’m just a little north in Dunedin but let me know