How do you drink your water poll?

D. None of the above.


From a reusable bottle that i add ice and lemon to.
At home from a glass, with ice
I dislike straws a lot and only use them for something like ice coffee when it’s crazy hot. Otherwise i want my coffee hot

In an ice cold glass from the freezer filled with cold brew tea. I have very old heavy 1/2 gallon glass pitcher that I fill and toss in 2-3 tea bags (guava green tea is my current favorite) every night. Come lunchtime perfect brewed tea.

I like seltzer, and I prefer it straight from the bottle or can for maximum fizz. When I drink flat water, I like it fridge cold with no ice from a glass, but I will drink it with ice as well. If there’s ice in it (like at a restaurant), I usually use a straw.

Glass cup with a straw stuck in the center of the cover. No chance of the
cat helping himself and minimizes spillage when he knocks it over.

E. Something Else.


In very small quantities, with bourbon on the rocks.

If I am out of bourbon in a glass with a lot of ice.


At work and on the go and often at home, a Contigo water bottle.

At home and when I want to drink a lot of water I’ll use one of those 30 oz Yeti knockoff tumblers

After one kidney stone episode, I realized how important hydration is.

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Especially in our climate!

By the way, I’m now working in the Lealman area of St Pete. May be we could do lunch?

I’m just a little north in Dunedin but let me know

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In a glass with ice and slivers of English cucumbers.

In the same way that Harters says straws are for children, I say that water sold in bottles is for disaster relief only, and should be available only a thousand gallons or more at a time (no smaller) and only to a licensed relief organization. All the plastic is ridiculous, and it’s not cleaner than tap water, because it IS tap water.