How can I repurpose a failed homemade ketchup recipe?

I strayed from my usual ketchup recipe and tried adding star anise. It was a big fail! It’s now completely useless as ketchup but it’s not bad tasting. I hate to throw it out (about 24oz). I don’t think it will work well to make it into a pasta sauce due to the star anise. Any ideas?

The basic ingredients are:
mustard powder
Hungarian sweet paprika
the tiniest smidges of cinnamon, clove, allspice, ginger, cayenne
a squirt of sriracha if I’m in the mood
fish sauce
and the dreaded star anise

barbecue sauce maybe?


I was also going to suggest BBQ sauce. Or if you like baked beans, maybe it would work in those?


Hmmm, baked beans could be just the ticket. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the idea.

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Make a meatloaf and top it with that . Or use it on barbecued chicken .


Another great idea!

I’m thinking as a sauce for something on the bbq is a great call- the smokey grilled flavor will help mask that star anise. (What ketchup recipe has star anise?? Sounds odd )
Or incorporated into an indian style curry over rice, add some canned coconut milk and chickpeas and veggies, a few chilis…maybe a touch of curry paste too.

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A parallel path to the curry might be a tajine