How big is your mouth?

Fork and knife?

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This is annoying. I see more and more burger getting higher, bigger. No bites without things falling out or dripping!


It becomes very difficult when both of the corner of the mouth is cracking and again when opening the mouth wide each time.

Baguette sandwich with hard bread doesn’t help.


I’ve gone completely to knife and fork.

Usually ham with lettuce & tomato.

I once ordered a “chicken salad” sandwich in America, expecting to get something similar, not the finely chopped chicken mixed with loads of mayo . It was a horrible depressing shock at the time and, later, when I found out that this would be what Americans would expect from a “something salad” sandwich. I’ve not repeated the mistake on subsequent trips. As noted on the list, the American “something salad” would be a “something mayo” here. By the by, I think the top ten list may be flawed because there’s no mention of what is probably the most popular sandwich - bacon - but they may be counting lunch sandwiches, and not including breakfast.

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Really? Perhaps that “adults in the room” comment could have been left out of your original comment. Not everyone was brought up in the metric system. Why go for a slap upside the head when it’s unnecessary?


I’ve stopped ordering sandwiches if they’re on the harder baguette bread. Way too difficult to eat - whatever’s on the sandwich always slides out the other side.

  1. Because it’s funny. See
  2. Because not being brought up with something is no excuse - cell phones, computers, the Internet, GPS, automatic transmissions, for some of us commercial air travel, …

Let’s not forget that the metric system is easier than the Imperial system.

No, it’s not. It’s condescending to those who don’t use it regardless of your “let’s not forget” comment as well.


Every culture has oddities. Too much mayo on chicken, egg, ham, grapes, tuna, pasta, … I know y’all have some odd puddings. grin You do NOT want to think about what Afghans do with some sheep parts. Scandanavians with lutefisk; who would marinate random white fish in gasoline on the back porch?

We’ll just have to disagree.

Another reason why thin crust pizza is the perfect food :wink:


Nearly anything in a pita? Wraps in a 6" tortilla? grin

Pitas come in lots of sizes, some much bigger than 6".

I was referring to 6" tortillas. Pita, no matter the diameter, can only get so thick when stuffed without tearing.

We used to eat pitta with our Eastern Mediterranean mezzes and, as you say, it’s always a capacity issue. Then we discovered khobez bread and now use that for scooping and wrapping.

The limited capacity avoids the problem (to me) exemplified by four inch (10 cm) high burgers. I can eat a pita stuffed to capacity without having to unhinge my jaw and appearing inelegant. grin

And now I have an urge to eat gyros. Perhaps next date night…with my wife, not you John. grin

I have had one revelatory sandwich in my life, and that was at the snack bar at Grey’s Antique Mall in London. Chicken breast on white bread, LETTUCE, SALT AND PEPPER and mayo. Had never thought of putting salt and pepper onn a sandwich, All the difference in the world for simple roast or poached meats.


I just caught up on another food forum (no not that one) and have come to two conclusions:

  1. I will never eat a sandwich (in which case I definitely include burgers) made by Kenji López-Alt.
  2. 4" (10 cm) is simply unacceptably too high for a sandwich.
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