Houston - time for Christmas Tamal-run!

We usually get the key lime and pecan.

Bye bye.

Quaint and quasi claustrophobic.

I went back in July during the week and got the last of the tamales at 930 am and also wiped out the rajas, get them if they have them. I’m guessing they’ll have lots of tamales being so close to the holidays.

We’ll meet at BBQ Inn although we were there recently. We got the fried chicken and dramatic pause, it was overcooked and tough. We also got an app of spare ribs and fried oysters and shrimp a la carte, all were fine.

I can see chicken fried steak in the future.


I’ll stick to “quaint” but then, my neuroses lie elsewhere. It was a cool little hole-in-the-wall, and now it’s a huge festival hall.

Ah well, I guess that’s progress.

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Buy by, I was just saying bye bye to Mister Doobster for that post. It’s not like I’m going to have him whacked.


Have we narrowed down a definite date & time?

We’re good for Alamo or BBQ Inn. Curious to see if there’s gonna be a crowd at Flying Saucer.

So y’all are trying to make sure you have me at a certain place at a specific time with the promise that I WON’T “get whacked”?

Do you think I’m as stupid as I look ?!?!?

You’re right. I was so stupid as to think you’d fall for that. I’ll just show up at BBQ Inn & hope that eventually you’ll wander in!

So then…Yes?

If I promise not to have you wacked…could you tell me the time to rendezvous?

Are we still talking about tamales?

Assuming the answer is “Yes”, I’ll be flying solo after all, so y’all let me know what’s convenient.

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I saw at piece on channel 11 this am from Alamo on Berry. They’re expecting a big weekend and are taking pre-orders. Back in the day when people read newspapers any review in the Chronicle guaranteed big crowds and I’d give it at least a month before I went.

Anyway we’re probably going to have be dealt out of this hand due to circumstances far beyond our control plus the Wifeacita got a little upset because Spider said something that upset her and she pumped six in his chest with a .45. She is currently on the lam.


Them Valley Girls are a hoot!

Thanks for the heads up on Alamo. It didn’t occur to me that it might be a busy weekend but in hindsight that makes sense.

Maybe I’ll try to get over there tomorrow. @Jaymes?

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Can’t tomorrow. Babysitting. And flying out to California for Thanksgiving. Got to get packing. :grin:

I’ll probably have to skip this gathering.

Without you my dear, there is no gathering.

I hope you have a great trip and holiday.

We’ll have to go see our new friend Alex at Phat Eatery when you get back.



She even speaks Valley Girl in Spanish.

I go to Alamo between 9-11 to avoid breakfast and lunch rushes.

I got there about 11 today and there were three people ahead of me.

I noticed that they now have chicken, bean and cheese/jalapeno as well as the pork hand rolled at $12.99/dz and beef for $14.99/dz. I think the last time I was there, (and all the times before), they only had pork.

I picked up four dozen pork and one dozen chicken. I skipped the lunch line and just had a few still warm tamales later.

Thank again for the heads-up about the crowds tomorrow. They confirmed they expected to be VERY busy manana.


Hey, save a few for the rest of us peasants!

I’m a pork guy myself but would like to try the chicken. Nothing finer than a fresh warm tamale.