Houston - time for Christmas Tamal-run!

Jaymes, do you freeze those tamales?

I don’t know how y’all missed each other but what did you have? CFS? Fried bird? Did you have a iceberg and tomato salad with homemade 1000 Island?

Did you pop into Flying Saucer for slice?

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Right?? Looks like they were both there at the same time.

I sat at a table in the back. Was actually watching for a couple who was watching for me. And he would have had his back to me. I dunno. But I had the Seafood Platter. As good as fried food gets. No time for Flying Saucer. I had to pick up some brass I was having repaired at Colonial Brass and slap on my sunglasses and head west before the masses of day laborers did likewise.

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@Lambowner Yes. I always have some in the freezer, year 'round, as does my daughter. They freeze beautifully and it’s so easy to pop a few in tbe microwave for a quick meal, or snack. They work especially well in a microwave silicon steamer that I use all the time and love so much that I bought another one.

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I was flying solo, the Wifeacita was working.

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Short answer, see Jaymes’ post, yes, no, yes, sort of.

Longer answer, Jaymes was looking for a happily married young couple.

I had a half order of CFS that was just a bit off freshness wise, they are closed Monday and Sunday so that could explain it.

No bird.

The CFS comes with a salad, the dressing choice was a no brainer.

I popped into the Flying Saucer parking lot but dueling signs on the doors proclaimed no slices this week so no key lime and I wasn’t mentally prepared for a whole pie.

Agreed. I also had a couple of pieces of a la carte shrimp and oysters. I love that catfish, can take or leave the stuffed crab.


I’m going to assume you ordered ranch cause it’s the best in town.

One of these days I’m going to sit at the bar.

Nope, thousand island. Not a ranch guy and can’t believe people eat this with pizza.

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Mostly only if it has jalapeños.

I was the only one there. You get to see all the food come out and the waitresses buzzing around, lots of ribs. We get the ribs to gnaw on when we’re waiting on fried chicken and they’re pretty good.

It’s not the pasta bar at Carrabba’s Kirby but still interesting.

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I don’t know what location y’all frequent for Alamo Tamales, but I saw a notice today the Navigation location is closing on January 1, fyi.

I drove by yesterday, funny how I’m always in the East End, my favorite Houston neighborhood, but my car refuses to drive past 1-10/8 five miles away unless I use manual over ride.

Anyway a sign indicated they were moving to Berry Rd., I guess just merging with the newly remodeled location.

We went to the Navigation location once, not for tamales but rajas which they didn’t have and they have a poor food selection there, I won’t miss it.

That’s a hot location on that corner so close to downtown and I’m guessing in less than a year it will be unrecognizable.

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We go to the Berry location for Alamo and have seen it morph from a tiny converted house to a big banquet hall. It’s definitely “nicer” now, but I miss the old digs. They were “quaint”.

My little brother mentioned we needed to head over there before the T-giving festivities so we might try to go this weekend. I believe Barbecue Inn and Flying Saucer Pies were also mentioned.

We would be looking at going over there around lunch probably if anyone else is interested.


The reason the are closing is road and other construction so you are probably right.

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Do you freeze dem pies?

No. We eat them. (You can buy by the slice. I love the cheesecake.)

Revision: Something’s come up so we’re looking at a week from tomorrow - the 23rd - for our little adventure.


Ok. I’m in. Time & place & I’ll meet y’all there!