Houston - time for Christmas Tamal-run!

Howdy y’all. It’s that time of year. I need to make a tamal-run into Alamo. I can’t show up for Christmas without the porky goodness of Alamo tamales. It’d be like Santa showing up without toys in his bag.

Anyone interested in coordinating & meeting me there?

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I’d go with just to see it and enjoy the company! It may be unTexan to say it out loud, but I’m not a fan of tamales, still the annual pilgrimage is interesting!

Ok. @NotDoobieWah? Can we pick a day? Maybe next week?

The Wifeacita is a connoisseur of tamales and she put a stamp of approval on a recent batch a coworker’s mother made and we have a Christmas order in, plus days off are at a premium during the holidays.

Try the rajas wrapped in a fresh, flavorful, flour tortilla with a little salsa.


I can get behind rajas!


Mom said she already has our Xmas tamales. Please make your plans and let me know when you’re going and I’ll try to show up and eat a few of yours! :wink:

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If they have rajas I buy them out and finito!


I can testify that this is a fact.

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Ok y’all. I’m coming in tomorrow afternoon. Anyone that would like to join me, send me a pm & we’ll coordinate times. ¡Feliz Navidad!

Do you mean Tuesday? I forgot what day it is and I’m off. I could be at BBQ Inn 11-1 ish. I’ve got an order in at work but one can never have enough tamales.

Yes, tomorrow, Tuesday. Alas, I have a doctor’s apmt at 11:15, so figure I can’t get to Alamo until about 1 or so. Too late for you?

No, footloose and fancy free. Do you want to meet at BBQ Inn? I could go for some oysters or CFS. We can refight WWII. My money is on the Nazis losing and I know yours is as well.

If I don’t hear from you I’ll be at BBQ Inn around one. I’ll be at the “bar”. We can car pool.

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I need to get to Alamo 1st & get my 10doz. Remember, I need to load up my buckboard & head for the frontier before about 3:00, when all the other frontier buckaroos head west on the Katy trail.

Ack! Believe it or not, I have to be in Katy this afternoon!

I’ll wave as I pass you on I-10, Jaymes.

And Senor Oysters. since I’m already west of the Beltway, I’ll shoot up a flare.

Y’all enjoy BBQ Inn. Rita retired years ago but ask for Mother Theresa. She’s sweet.


Well, I’m here at Bbq Inn. Hoping y’all come walking in the door!

I was planning to try and join you if my appointment was timely finished, and it wasn’t finished till 1 o’clock,so sorry I missed, if in fact you guys met up.

I’m certain if I ever venture west of the Beltway my car will explode in flames reaching the troposphere dwarfing your piddling flare. It will be on all the national telecasts.

I got to the bar area about 1:10, ate a little food and left just before 2. I guess we’re two ships passing in the dark.

Sorry to have missed you but boy was that food great. Next time!

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