Houston DOTM - August 2021 - GUMBO

Dish of the month for August is gumbo! Try to search some out this month, take a picture, and post here along with your impartial review of the version you find. Of course you can also make some and share a picture with us if your 9 favorite soups come out of your own kitchen. *wink and *nod.

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The only place I’ve seen potato salad served with gumbo as it often is in Louisiana, was at Liberty Kitchen long ago. Has anyone seen this done in Houston?

No, but it sounds bizarre to me, then again I don’t like potato salad. :oyster: :oyster:

Love potato salad but not with gumbo. Rice and file’ for me.


6:30 am. Let the stock begin!

9:30 am. Chicken shredded and bones and freezer veg trimmings on low simmer

3:00 pm. Strained stock, chopped trinity, chicken and sausage.

3:30. Roux - Started in the oven and finished on the stove.

3:45. Everything in but the okra and simmering away.

7:00 pm. Finished product.
![image|700x525](upload://rcfgbfghiifd FCCghj.jpeg)


Looks great! Tell me you’re not using frozen okra.




Frozen okra? FROZEN OKRA???

You young whippersnappers and your fancy freezing machines and whatnot. Why back in my day we got okra with live beetles in it and we were happy to have it. Who do you think you’re talking to you young punk. You should have more respect for your elders.

Yeah. Frozen okra. :sunglasses:

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Do you sprinkle the file or add it while cooking or both?

So was it Bird’s Eye or Hill Country Fare?

Here’s some respect old timer.

Keep your eye on Tropical Storm Grace as the Hurricane Center openly admits they are more clueless than normal on the track of this one. They rarely get intensity right and they admit that too. The same models are used that can’t predict the daily weather.


That gumbo can come in real handy.

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Like today. A 60 percent percent of rain was predicted, changed to thirty, and upgraded to 60 as much of West Houston is under extended full cloudburst mode.

Just got home in the deluge. It was touch and go for a while! This wasn’t predicted when I last heard the weather report.

Funny you should ask where I’ve been. :laughing:

I was enjoying a Sunday afternoon shrimp gumbo at the oldest restaurant in Houston, Christie’s Seafood & Steaks. And it was really surprisingly good. Lots of shrimp, not too much okra, rice on the side, hot sauce without asking! :clap: I’d definitely order it again.

And these folks are serious about social distancing. I couldn’t even eavesdrop on conversations.


Did you get fried shrimp as well?

Eaves dropping and checking out other people’s food is part of the dining experience.

My ultimate eaves dropping experience was at Merida. They sat me next to a group of Hispanic Democratic East End power brokers weighing in on the mayoral race and whether they should throw their weight behind Orlando Sanchez.

In the end they decided he was just too conservative. He lost.

Orlando Sanchez (politician) - Wikipedia

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No fried shrimp today. I was grazing. We shared their whipped Greek caviar dip with crudités. Then cup o gumbo, house salad and a single a la carte stuffed crab. Couple of martinis.

But speaking of :fried_shrimp:, I went to Barbecue Inn last week and had their fried shrimp/stuffed crab combo. No gumbo on the menu. Terrific as usual. The staff was entertaining and rested after their week long vacation when the owners close the restaurant.


This looked really great, is it possible to see the finished dish? (Photo link doesn’t work)

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I noticed that too, but the last visible photo is likely representative.

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This was different. Chicken and sausage gumbo at Jonathan’s The Rub. The difference is the clearish broth that was really flavorful and spicy. Fall-apart chicken pieces and good sausage slices, cut in half for easy eating. The rice is in the bottom. Two thumbs up. :+1: :+1: