HotPot HOdown Little Sheep [Edison, NJ] 7/23

Well my ac kicked the bucket and I’m am getting it replaced on Tuesday. Great timing.

So at this point I’m not sure yet. What a pain.

Sounds like HotPot and Hot everything else all weekend! I hope you’re planning to sleep elsewhere.

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Yeah I am being cheap and staying at my parents, as opposed to paying for 5 nights of lodging. It’s a real hoot so far. :roll_eyes:


Oh man sympathies. Ours did too at the beginning of the summer. A super fun way to spend $6k…

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As a reminder, 7pm, and BYO if you’d like.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
Festival Plaza
1737 NJ-27
Edison, NJ 08817

I believe the ac will be done in time if they don’t run into any issues. However, I’m wondering if I am going to be in the mood for hot pot after sitting in my house sweating the whole day lol. It isn’t going to be a fun day. Lots of sweat and then top that off with a substantial check I have to write. I need to harness my inner sheep and do this! Wish me luck folks. May the freeon gods be with me :slight_smile:

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Once it’s installed and working it will still be a few hours till it cools off. Better to join us and head home when it’s cooled down.


I am going to have to back out. I thought I could make it, but I’m going to be getting ready to leave on a cruise on Saturday. Why am I going to the tropics when it’s tropical around here? Mom’s choice, and at 88 I couldn’t say no. Have a great time, and tell us all about it!

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Have a great time on the cruise!!

@BossaNova (2)
@corvette_johnny WILL be there to cool down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyone else want to jump in to the pot with us??

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We have a saying in Korea (that I think came from China) - beat heat with heat! Get your ass over and eat some boiling food dawg.

Looking forward to chowing down with everyone tomorrow, if anyone wants to carpool with me from Hazlet I would be happy to drive!


Can’t say no to mom. We will miss you!

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I am going to try. They are coming in the morning, so they tell me. Trust me, I would rather be chowing down on some good Mongolian rather than sweating in my house lol

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…the power literally went off at my parents a second ago. Jesus christ. I can’t win. I may have to get a hotel or sleep in the odyssey with the ac cranking and hope I dont die from carbon monoxide.

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Hopefully this baby will be purring away soon!


No purring at my house. We’ve been without power since 6:30 last night.

I stayed at my parents house in Middletown. No power either. :confused:

Where are you that you have power? The outages are so random.

They really ARE…my friend in Point lost hers for all of 1/2 hour and then it came back. Here in AP there are some streets w issues, but my part of town lucked out. Then again, there’s a pole leaning FAR too much 3 houses away, and there’s yellow tape around the 2 houses it could fall on.

I’m in Middletown but in the northeast part, navesink. I have power and my ac is hooked up! It just got finished. It will probably take a few hours to cool down but things seem ok. Wish me luck.

I need a nap. Sleeping at my parents has been a task. Compound that with the power outage last night, and you have a fiasco.

Hooray! We’ll see you at 7. :slight_smile:
@joonjoon was offering carpool opportunities…