HotPot HOdown Little Sheep [Edison, NJ] 7/23

All you can eat for around 23 bucks I think. We’re thinking 7pmish. BYOB.

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I am in on this. In fact I’m driving there now :smile:

I just have to work out the timing. Work sucks

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I’m in!

So, how HOT is a hot pot? I have never had it. My only experience is watching the Parts Unkonwn episode where Tony tortured Eric Ripert, and he looked soooo uncomfortable. I can do a little zippy, but anything really spicey is too much for me!

That makes two of us, Heidi… I’ll let @joonjoon confirm, but I believe the amount of spice you add is up to the diners sharing a pot, so I promise there will be one that’s REASONABLE. :slight_smile:

The spicy broth won’t kill ya. But either way have no fear, the standard is to get a half and half pot, and the white broth isn’t spicy at all.


OK, with your assurances, I’m in! Maybe I’ll bring a flask of milk to cool the heat, just in case!


Did you get anything yummy in Edison? You’d better join us CJ!

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And the wizard of Asian food

Yeah. Count me in!

I think Korean bbq and some charcoal sounds like a good idea though;:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Count us in for 2. This sounds fun.


I’m in. Its a tough week for Mr Bean work-wise so he probably won’t know until we get closer. The Sprout will be out of town.

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@seal I’ve sent a special messenger to request your presence!

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We’ll definitely have to do another trip for BBQ!

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Sorry @joonjoon but that week is the week the west coast part of my family comes to town to visit so it’s not even a consideration. Enjoy all!


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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I haven’t heard those words since I was single 30 years ago and went out on a blind date. :grin:


Bumping this up to confirm how many are IN for Tuesday night! Here’s the list as far as I can tell:

@BossaNova (2)
@MsBean (1 or 2?)

Have fun everyone! I have work calls every night next week. I can say with confidence, I would rather be eating hot pot with you guys instead!!!

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I’m definitely in but Mr Bean will not be able to make it.

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We are both looking forward to it

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